Ok ladies - I need your help !

dakota01March 9, 2012

Please tell me if these pieces work together. My heart was set on some Drexel pieces but after really looking at them, I don't think they "go". So, do these "go"? Will they give me the transitional look I want?

I'm conserned that the console doesn't "go" - I think it may be to tradtional rather than transitional.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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The console is traditional and I think you could find a better fit to go with your other piece which I love. The console is lovely but I think you need something without the embellishment on the front. Just my opinion. Others may feel differently and be right. I have transitional mixed with modern and it's a fine balance. Let's wait and see what others say, I learn so much here.

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I love the console but the picture is only one piece. What is it supposed to go with?

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please see my next post that starts with:
Oops - I don't know how....

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Here are the console and television stand from the original poster.

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I think they look great together! Part of what makes transitional well, transitional is the use of traditional styles and materials in different ways. You would never have seen that casual finish on the console with brass ormolu on a traditional piece.. A truly traditional console of that style would be ebony (black) or mahogany (reddish brown). The fact that it is finished in a sort of grey wash finish is what makes it transitional--- and ditto the buffet or media cabinet or whatever that piece is. A mirrored finish front like that is a very glam feature for, again, a casual wood finish. I think they are brilliant together.

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Love the tv stand.

Not so crazy about the console table. Not because it wouldn't go, but because it seems to be such a mish-mosh of styles in one piece.

The console feels kind of mediterranean in basic lines, especially the legs with the fluting. But the fluting is only on one side of each leg, and only on one section.

The appliques seem very fussy for the rest of the table, and then you have the very simple little knob on the drawers.

Personally, I would keep looking.

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Does this look better? I like this one, but I'm concerned the finish may be too rustic/distressed looking. My other pieces are not really distressed.
I'm trying to stay w/the same mfg. and the same light finish as my floors are soooo dark. Also, want a bottom shelf to help break up the dark look of the floor.

Here is a link that might be useful: sofa table/console

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Here is the new one

I can understand wanting to stay lighter on the finish, but a console table is such an easy thing to find anywhere. I don't understand why you want to stay with one manufacturer. Not that I have anything against Hooker. I recently got a couple of pieces from them and LOVE them.

I do think the second console is better, but I wouldn't call it a gotta have it. JMO

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It's a little better but I feel it has too many legs and that makes it look busy, I also feel the ornamentation on the front panel is too much. I agree you should search online for a different manufacturer. What was the description of the wood in the listing of your initial piece? Just google the wood type and add console and when the list comes up, go to the left column and chose IMAGE and you'll find a variety of photos of consoles. If you see one you like, click on it and it will take you to the site. Since you have so much detail on the front of your original piece, I would look for something quieter in appearance.

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Well, I guess I will continue to look. I'm not really crazy about either of them - I just want to get my room done! I do know that I can't use a darker color, since that's what I have now and it's definately not working.

Would just getting a glass w/burnished gold work?
How about this one from C&B?

Here is a link that might be useful: crate & barrel

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How will the table be used? On an entry wall, behind a couch? Will it have lamp or lamps on it, will something hang over it? Do you need a bottom shelf?

It is hard to suggest something else without knowing how it will work in the space. I like the C&B one, but that bottom mirrored shelf will be inclined to be dusty, a lot.

What about something in a painted finish, something with some color?

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Les - It will be behind my couch - which is not against a wall, it's "floating". I do need to have 2 lamps on it I really only want a bottom shelf to help break up all my hardwood flooring and because too much of my other furniture is "up" a need a grounding piece.
I do worry about the bottom being mirrored and dust as I have a door fairly close that I use all the time, so dust does blow in.
I have thought about a painted finish - but I would want a glam look since that's what I'm trying to achieve in this space. Glitz, but comfortable. I do have alot of color in 2 chairs that in the room. But, if I found a glam painted finish I'm open to it.

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The C+B console looks great. The only potential issue is that it's only 50 inches wide, and I'm assuming your couch is longer. Will this look strange?

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If the console is going to be up against the couch, I wouldn't worry about a bottom shelf. You won't need it, because the couch will take the eye through the console and up from the floor in that little bit of space. Plus, with lamps and other items on the top of the table, nobody will see that little bit of floor under the table.

Could you post other pieces that will be in the room? Glam but comfortable is an interesting description, but the tv cabinet you have posted doesn't really fit that. Would love to see the colorful chairs. Also as mentioned, it would help to know what size table you need to work behind the couch.

What about something like this? It has an antique gold finish on the iron, a granite top, and an elegant but simple design, imo.


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LEs - How do I post multiple photo's/links?
What look do you think the console has if it's not glam/comfortable?
My couch from leg to leg is 74 with arms it's 84.
I like what you posted - but I was staying away from granite since the room is open to my kitchen and I have a ton of granite in the kitchen as well as a peninsula to the family room.
One of my posts on color consults shows my chairs and some of my other tables.
I think for my coctail table I am going with the same group. So I will only have the console and 1 other side table that will be different. I didn't want too many different pieces, I don't want it to look like I used excess furniture that doesn't "go".

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Just happen to see the lighter console (that lascatz posted) in a furniture store yesterday and it is much prettier in person.

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caminnc - I wish a local store had it or another piece from the group in stock - then I could see the finish. Even my original tv piece that I did see in the store, when ordered came in w/more black wash in it. So, I worry about ordering since stores wont take back ordered pieces.

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Being a traditonal sort of girl, I dearly love that original console. If you changed anything, the TV stand, but I think they work together as long as they are not side by side.

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sunnytop - I'm still looking for the right piece. I am trying to turn my style away from traditional. I love traditional pieces that's what I'm drawn to first, but I need a change. So, I'm trying for a transitional look.
I just bought the tv stand, so I can't get rid of it..Though, I am still thinking of cutting about 3 inches off the legs. It just seems sooo high to me.

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