IceMaker / ReverseOsmosis / Wasted Water

ScrubalindaAugust 9, 2011

We are in the process of building a house and we are trying to make some decisions on our ice maker, reverse osmosis system and all the water it wastes.

We definitely want an R/O, but are unsure what type of ice maker to get. I've heard there's 2 types, one that makes pretty cube ice, but wastes lots of water. Then there's the one that doesn't' waste water but makes your standard, cloudly crescent shaped cubes. Then, do you hook your R/O up to the ice maker, and then waste even more water? Is there some way to collect the water wasted by the R/O and ice machine? And then, what do you do with it? Any idea where I can find information on this?


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Softeners, RO units, and clear-ice makers do waste water. Softeners, also save plumbing and appliances.

The single most efficient RO unit currently available is Kinetico K5W -- the one with the "water-on-water" storage tank. Kinetico also has the most efficient softener, if you're going there. Both are also among the most expensive units of their kind.

I have two of them at different locations, both plumbed into ref. ice-maker. Excellent results at both locations for 19 years, last two with the new equipment. Would buy again. However, quite wonderful and good-tasting (that is, taste-free) ice is not clear....just clearer than with non-RO water. Trapped-air cloudiness still there.

If you want clear, pretty, actual-cube ice, RO water alone will only get you part-way there. Only a specialized machine will go the whole distance....and, yes, they do waste even more water. These machines produce clear "wet" ice similar to motel ice-machines. Ref. ice-makers produce "hard" ice.

There have been a number of posts about all of this on this forum over the years. Suggest using the search function. For clear-ice makers, might also try over at "appliances" forum. Seem to recall quite a few threads over there as well.

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You could purchase an RO designed to deposit it's concentrate water (the "waste" water) back into your home plumbing, typically to the water heater. Watts makes one. There are likely others as well.

Find out how much water a wet ice machine will waste. Potentially, that water could be stored in a tank and used to water plants, etc, but no sense trying to find a home for that water until we know the volume.

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