bottle trap design differences?

ntruroAugust 23, 2011

We're installing a vessel sink on a floating countertop. The drain plumbing will be visible. We'd like to install a bottle trap, but I have read that most are not code compliant.

However, there appears to be two different types of bottle traps. One type has both horizontal and vertical pipes of approximately the same diameter while the second type, called a basin siphon, has a much larger container to which both the vertical and horizontal pipes connect.

Is this second type simply an enclosed "J" trap? And is it better than the first type?


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I think both have the trap in the bottom portion, meaning that the volume is split 50/50 within the tube between the "down" and the "up" portions of the trap. Sleeker look means less cross-sectional volume and more clogs, probably.

Also, you might want to consider how easy it is to disassemble to clear the trap. Some have a plug that unscrews out of the bottom, but your plumber may require a large, metric hex wrench to unscrew it properly.

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