Recommendation for in-line water filter?

CT_NewbieAugust 22, 2013

We have city water. I was thinking we would put in an in-line water filter to reduce chlorine for water we drink/use for rinsing food. Not sure what else we should be concerned about, but I doubt it is sediment. Do I need to have the water tested? Or does the city automatically bring it up to standards?

I initially thought I could put a filter below and still use a regular single faucet for hot/cold water. When I watched the Aquasana video, it looked like it had a separate water faucet. Is that always the case or can I get one that integrates into a regular faucet.

Where is it best to locate the filtered water? I was initially thinking the prep sink but if it needs to have an additional faucet, the small prep sink might look crowded. My thinking was that people could help themselves to water without interfering with bigger clean up. Also, if they are sitting on the island, maybe they could reach across to get more water. Our fridge does not have a water dispenser

Lastly, which brands or models do you recommend?

Thank you very much!

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POU (point of use) water filters are available in two versions...

UNDER SINK... installs under the sink and has a dedicated faucet installed up top. Requires drilling if there is not an unused hole in the sink and only provides filtered cold water.

COUNTER TOP... sits on the counter top and has it's own dedicated faucet providing filtered cold water.

As long as you choose an industry standard (not proprietary brand name) filter there are a myriad of filter elements available to filter lots of stuff... sediment, chlorine, etc. There are even filter elements to add minerals back into filtered water.

Is there something about the taste of your water you find objectionable? If yes then we need to identify the cause. If no and you just think that a filter is a good idea then what should we filter?

I'd want to know what the water conditions are of the water at my house. A municipal water quality report is a start but does not always indicated the conditions of the water at your house but rather at the treatment plant miles and miles away. If you are really concerned then a test by a certified independent lab is the first step.

Based on the test results we will know if a softener or RO unit or filter or other treatment is indicated?

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Thank you! The water treatment plan is only ~2 miles away from the house. Do I just call them up and ask for their test results? Do I still need my own water test? If so, how much does that cost and are there any labs in CT or national ones that I could use?

I don't want an RO unit as I think that will be overkill and I've read about wasting water and I don't want to spend more money for RO. I suppose the taste is fine. I don't see sediment. I just wanted to screen out any unnecessary chemicals like chlorine which, while it won't kill me, might not be beneficial to me. I don't know what other things to screen for that would give me the most bang for the buck.


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Anti-bacterials are added to municipal water supplies to kill bacteria and make the water safe.

You are wrong about ROs. They have a specific purpose and work very well. Those water machines at supermarkets and Walmart... there's an RO inside.

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OK, so I re-read some of the previous posts and it does say for the normal HH, it isn't that much water but it also says the normal HH is unlikely to bother to repurpose the waste too. We'd probably fall into this camp

It also seemed like they were gearing people who didn't have major problems with the water away from RO towards the other filters that would be less expensive. if that is the case, what types and brands are there?

Also, from what you are saying, it sounds like I need a dedicated faucet whether it is under cabinet or counter which unfortunately makes for a cluttered look and means I should probably put it on the main sink which is larger

Thanks! Any other comments/opinions? Will try to call the water co on Mon to ask about water tests

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Many sinks have a unused hole for a soap dispenser that can be used for the dedicated faucet. If not, then holes can be drilled by people with the skill and the tools. Some DIYers who try to drill a hole for a faucet end up buying new sinks.

I'll repeat... "Is there something about the taste of your water you find objectionable? If yes then we need to identify the cause. If no and you just think that a filter is a good idea then what should we filter?"

If your water tastes OK to you then leave it alone and find some other project to satisfy your curiosity.

If you just think a filter is a good idea then decide what to filter and I can point you in the direction of how to filter what you want removed, but you should decide what to remove from your water based on FACT (IE: a lab test) and not just an assumption by you that removing something that is added to your water to make it safe is a good idea.

BTW, you'll waste far more water waiting for the water to get hot at a sink far from your WH then you would ever waste with an RO... and I'm not saying that you should get an RO but that you should get all the facts.

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