What do you do when you like too many styles & can't decide?

beth0301March 18, 2013

I'm stuck - I've such a large collection of inspiration photos that I like that I just can't seem to make the decisions that I need to make soon.

Right now I'm trying to finalize kitchen choices and I have 4 combos that I am bouncing back and forth between. Every day I "decide" something new.

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Maybe you haven't found it yet.

Try looking at each photo and figuring out exactly why you like it. Then see if you can turn those elements in to a cohesive design.

Or, ask someone else to pick. Then if you find yourself disappointed, you can eliminate that choice. Rinse and repeat until there is only one left ...

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I read in a book recommended here that we see many pictures of beautiful rooms, but out of them-- how many rooms would you actually like to spend hours in?

When I think of that, there are few rooms I really like.

Which kitchen seems like the most pleasant to spend time in?

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I consider what I have liked for the longest. If I have liked a certain look for years, it seems more likely that I will continue to like it. I also consider what is most consistent with other things I like. And, especially for things like kitchens that are attached to the house, I consider what is most appropriate to the house.

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You *can* combine cabinet finishes, but it's best if there's a contrast. I chose dark stained cabs on the perimeter, with white glazed on the interior cabs. Having 2 different paints/stains is probably not a good idea, or maybe it's just that I haven't seen an example. You also don't need to have the same backsplash or even countertops thruout the space. I used travertine above the cooktop and sink, but chose to leave the backsplash above the perimeter cabs in their 'raw' painted stage for a future decision~wallpaper, beadboard, whatever. I also didn't cover every square inch where the travertine was used, only 3/4 of the way up, so I could combine what's used on the perimeter backsplash wall. Most kitchens today have the entire backsplash in granite or tiled. Countertops don't all have to be the same either~if you have an island you can opt to use marble, walnut, tile, etc. Make sure the flooring you're using ties in with everything~I chose dark hand scraped floors since I loved dark wood, as well as the kitchen being very bright. Your kitchen is the most important space to be precise about since it's where everyone congregates and much of your time is spent there. *You* have to love it! ;o)

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Beth, here's a link for kitchens of GW members. More confusion. ;o)

Here is a link that might be useful: kitchen gallery

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Annie Deighnaugh

How close are the 4 styles? Are the similar elements in both? Any way to combine them into an eclectic look that uses your favorite from all of them?

The other way to decide is to take a look at two and decide between the 2 which you like best....then do the same with the other 2, and then compare the 2 favorites. Very often we can't make decisions among many items, but can with just 2.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

As I am practical, I would also decide which style is the most livable in terms of cleaning, comfort, affordability, maintenance, and ease of purchasing. And also, ahem, how long before it becomes dated.

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My thoughts run along the lines of bumblebeez -- how easily and often can/must I clean it, is it tempermental or fragile, which one works best for both day and night, winter and summer. I would be careful not to buy the latest rage in fabrics -- the oversized ikats, the tile-like prints, etc . Then again, you can always plan ahead to recover or redo certain items every couple of years. Just so you plan and don't get surprised and disappointed a year down the line.

A few years ago I bought one of those lamps whose stems is made of stacked glass bubbles (except mine's acrylic). It's really not a bad thing, but it does look like 2006. That's fine if I have a mix of vintages all around it, but I don't love it, you know?

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Thats a hard one. I finally decided to let my dh pick the kitchen color and stye he liked of the ones I had on my short list. I then had the main design elements that made that kitchen trendy put in such a way that I could remove them for a fairly simple redo later if I changed my mind . The tiles I was picking were all trendy so I gave myself permission to opt out of a tile backsplash it was drivign me crasy . Try to think nuetral on things that are difficult to change out like tile. I went with granite that would would with the kitchen I put in or the kitchen I would change it to in the future. The kitchen I put in can be changed to all white cabs or be changed to all samecolored cabs(bought extra molding and put it in the attic) The cabs dh picked have a lighter body and darker trim. So with out changing cabs or counters I can get three diff. looks from the same basic cabs. Maybe if you post the pics you like we can help you see what is you like in each that would work with all the looks.

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I have a confession. A decorator is coming this week to make some choices for me. Sometimes that's how I have to do it. I really do like many things. At least at first. I rely on others to help me make choices I will like later as well.

I did my own kitchen but I wish I had had a professional designer. The water does not go into the sink as it should, the prep sink is too deep, the location of garbage needs improvement and, because I never did decide on a backsplash, I'm going to have to ask the decorator for help with that anyway.

The prettiest areas of my homes have been the ones I have had help with. I don't always want help for every area, though.

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Thanks all; sounds like I'm not the only one that has trouble deciding from time to time.

I agree with the difference between liking pictures in a book or online versus living in it. I remember about 4 years ago, maybe 5, I loved the shabby chic pink look. I just knew I wanted it. I did two rooms in all white - one has lots of light blue accents, the other pinks and lavenders. They looked really good - straight out a magazine. I hated both of them. Even though I liked the look, I couldn't stand being in the rooms. One was redone in rich reds and gold and black, the other in, uh, gold, and rich reds. Hmmmm .... I'm sensing a pattern here.

Thankfully (at least I *think* it's a good thing) I uncovered a new element - something that's going to restrict my choices a bit and therefore hopefully make the decision less stressful.

When I was ripping up the various kitchen flooring layers .... carpet on top of pad on top of old vinyl on top of underlayment ... I accidentally ripped up a piece of the underlayment. I didn't mean too, was planning on putting the new floor (hadn't decided yet, was waiting on updated budget figures) and guess what I found?

Yup, the kitchen had hardwood under there too! Hallelujah! It, however, is different than in the rest of the house. It's a wider plank, wider spacing, a MUCH more casual look and a more porus wood - meaning if I use the same stain it will not look the same and will likely look funny where they join.

That led me to choose a contrasting stain choice so that it looked purposeful. I was torn between ebony (with cream cabinets), weathered / distressed barnwood (with either cream, black or barn red cabinets) and whitewash (with black cabinetry).

Today when I started sanding, it became clear that I was likely not going to get it sanded white enough (without sanding down so deep I hurt it) to do a whitewash. The floor has gaps and grooves and the stain color fills those low spots. Trying to sand down that deep will leave me with a paper thin floor. That takes that color out of the options.

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Beth have you thought of painting the old wood floor? You could even do a pattern. ;o)

Here is a link that might be useful: patterned floor

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Yes, I did consider that but I'm painting the family room floor (the adjacent room) and didn't think I could pull off both.

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Sometimes I think the only solution is to have four houses ...

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I ask my DD who is 20. She is great at knowing what is over and out, and what needs to stay and be improved.

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