Updated Bath pics, need accessory advice

andreadegMarch 2, 2012

I've recently undertaken a bathroom update. The update is primarilyl for my son who is taken with a clean modern vibe. Given that we have a Cape Cod house I did my best to marry the two styles. Overall I realy like how it turned out; I particularly like the faucet, and the cabinets look so much better. Previously they were honey oak; they have been painted with Cabinet Coat Transformations and chrome hardware has been added.

Now it's time for accessories. Accessories aren't exactly my strong suit so can you give me your opinion.

My son would like two Pottery Barn Holman shelves above the toilet which are 10 inches deep. I plan to hang the clock above the toilet. I'm concerned that the shelf may be a little too deep. The next question, would the 3 circle mirror look very good hung to the right of the sink? Also, any ideas for the wall to the right side of the sink? It's such a small room I want to try and maintain an airy feeling, but it does need some accessories.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Nicely done! Pretty, fresh wall color.

IMO, the shelves are going to be too deep. Someone sitting on the toilet and getting up is very likely to find one with their head.

What is the purpose of the shelves? Will towels and things be stored there, or are they designed for decorative accessories? If the latter, I would find narrower shelves, and I would likely go dark, to connect with the cabinet(which looks great, by the way).

What is the color of the three circle mirror? It looks beige to me. I don't think I would put it near the mirror, in that small area. You won't even really see it hanging on that side wall.

Just a thought, how about that turned sideways and put above the back wall of the shower area? I would think about painting it silver or white, tho.

Seems like the clock could go above the hooks on the other wall.

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I think a chrome train rack would be great for over the toilet. I don't think the mirrors would work either but a nice framed print of an airplane or any masculine subject might be nice.

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I wouldn't do the 3-circle mirror there, either. It's just too tight a space and that's kind of bulky.

I think the shelves just aren't the right look -- I know they're Pottery Barn but they just look a bit Ikea to me in a bathroom that really looks much too nice for that. (I would love that bathroom! Nice job!)

If it's for towels, I'd look more for something in chrome. A train rack might be too bulky, but perhaps there's something on the Internet in that vein but pared down?

I wouldn't think he'd need space for spare (but nice-looking) soaps, shampoos, etc., because you have a vanity, so I don't know if you just want a shelf for decorative, not-being-used things? In that case, I'd look for a "lighter" chrome and glass shelf.

I think the clock would be the best decorative and useful thing for the wall -- what else do you really need when you're getting ready in the morning!

And while we can't see the full space of the bathroom, it looks small, so I'm not sure artwork is really necessary. Maybe in that space, less is more.

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Thanks everyone for the comments!

The shelves above the toilet would be purely decorative. We saw a picture in a magazine that had those shelves above a toilet and we both liked them. However, the bathroom in the picture was bigger than ours. My son loves the Pottery Barn look so I was trying to give that to him. He likes the jars filled with qtips, cotton balls, and so on.

I definitely thought about hanging the mirror in the shower; that's what I had originally bought it for. But then I decided it would be smarter to buy a dresser mirror (those not very expensive mirrors that you get for hte back of your bedroom door to see how you look) and put that up there instead. A friend told me that you can find those mirrors that aren't real glass and that seems like a safer choice.

I was also trying to avoid glass shelves in the bathroom. Even though my son is fairly mature, he is only 8 and when he has friends over they can get a little energetic. Glass in the bathroom worries me. I could try and go with a train shelf, but, those are even deeper than the white shelf.

The wall color is prettier in real life; it's Coos Bay by Pratt and Lambert.

Yes, the clock, it's a keeper. It is a clock and it also measures humidity and temperature which my son thinks is "cool". Mostly, I want him to have a clock so that he is not dilly dallying in the morning when we are trying to leave for school.

Another idea I had was to have DS put together some Lego Architecture kits and then put those in shadow boxes and mount those to the wall above the toilet. He is crazy about lego. What do you think of that idea?

I could also put up a standard white, or black medicine cabinet from Home Depot and put that above the toilet. Thoughts on that?

Or maybe I should try and find like an interesting open shelf cabinet that isn't so deep so it can still house the qtips, and the cotton balls.

I'm the worst at accessorizing. My whole house is "less is more" already! :-)

Any other ideas are most welcome.

Here is a link that might be useful: Lego Architecture- Space Needle

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we have a cabinet over our toilet that is 7" deep and our heads come NO where near it when standing up...just the natural motion of standing up would prevent him from hitting his head...as long as they're high enough that he doesn't hit it when he's seated (and leaning way back! lol)i think you're fine. and, if those are the shelves he would like, i think they're great!

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Are you planning on keeping the tan hand towel by the sink? If so, I love the way the 3 circle ties in with the color of it and warms up the space. I also think it ties in with your Cape Cod decor and the chunkiness makes the room a little more masculine.

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Yes, I was planning to keep the tan handtowels. Although white towels would look better, tan is more practical with a child!

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I love the idea of Legos, only because I own a lego freak and personalizing your son's bathroom with those would be a great idea.
Like the way the painted beadboard looks.
In that small a space, I think a cabinet above the toilet would close it in too much, better to go with the shelves.
You can always try one and if it doesn't work, go another direction.
Nice job!

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