New toilet flange on old plumbing

dgeistAugust 8, 2013

I have a 1960s era home with cast iron waste and vents. One of my toilets has a pretty severe rock to it (slightly uneven tile work and lost tension in the flange bolts holding things down). I want to fix it as I'm going to be selling the house soon and am pretty sure an inspector will catch the "master bath toilet rocks when you sit on it". At the same time, I don't want to rip apart the entire stack for a house I'm about to sell.

The flange bolts are rusted out, so I need to at least replace them, and I'm thinking the flange is original too, so it MAY be in bad shape. I'm wary of opening up the system for fear of what else I might disturb. Worst case (and assuming the pipes are still intact), is it possible to use a new toilet flange designed to fit into a PVC closet bend with an older 3"/4" iron pipe? Assuming it is, that will likely be the easiest way to make sure things fit and work correctly for the sale.


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Forget about pvc parts,will not fit. To replace the flange you must rework the lead sleeve. Not too difficult if the lead is in good condition and you have watched it done a couple of times. If lead is broke and/or deterioated,it's not a good project to self teach on. If no water leaks when flushed, find a cedar wood roof shingle. Use portions that are right thickness between floor and toilet in two or more places to stop wobble. Carfuly use a box cutter or other razor sharp blade to cut shingle flush with toilet. Buy new bolt covers and caulk to finish off.

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PVC parts that are designed to fit into other PVC parts will not work. However PVC parts that are designed to fit into and work with cast iron parts do exist.

I used the first of the two products above recently, but I had to go to a plumbing supply store to get it, since Lowes didn't carry it.

But I think there is a good chance that the existing flange will not be rusted out, and you may just need new bolts. Or if the flange is rusted to the point of failure or cracked a closet flange replacement ring may do the trick.

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