Help Replacing Shower Diverter Valve

ronnykAugust 21, 2010

I live in an old house that appears to have 70s era shower valve set with a push-pin diverter. Recently, the diverter started only diverting about 25% of the water to the shower when pushed. The pin moves smoothly and there no leaks, so I concluded the problem existed inside the diverter valve.

When I removed the supply valve knob and the fixture plate, I saw that with the size of the hole in the tile I would have difficulty getting a wrench in to unscrew the diverter valve.

This is the opening showing the entire valve assembly (single supply valve is on top and the diverter pin is underneath):

This a close-up of the diverter valve as screwed into the supply line:

I tried a basin wrench, but the one I have is too big to turn in the space allowed. Are there different sizes of basin wrenches, or another tool that could use to get in to unscrew the diverter?

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Tub and Shower Socket Set is the item needed. Depending on length of the rod and force required to unscrew, you might even have to combine the T&S socket with an ordinary or deep regular socket and extender on something as large as a .5" socket wrench.

Perhaps a tool rental store could help.

Take care and good luck.

Here is a link that might be useful: Example Set

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They have a set of deep sockets specifically for plumbing fixtures such as youre diverter. If it was me Id probably change the stem or check the washers in the back once you removed it and made sure theyre seated properly or even a seat washer could be the issue.

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Just following up-- I picked up a Tub and Shower Socket set at Home Depot and it worked like a charm. The diverter valve had, in fact, failed. The seal at the end of the plunger had broken off. I was able to order a suitable replacement from Moen and we are back in business. Having the right tool for the job was the key here.


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Good news. Great it all worked out and the needed part was still available.

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