Growth On My Dog's Paw

LoveMySmoochesOctober 2, 2011

So, I have recently noticed an area on my dog's paw that is red & pussy-looking. It isn't between any of her toes, but rather on the outside of her back left foot. It is tender to the touch (she kicks my hand away when I lightly rub over it), and it feels hard to my finger. Before anyone goes crazy on me, I AM TAKING MY DOG TO THE VET THIS WEEK to have it looked at. I just want to know if this sounds like anything cancerous. It doesn't look like a corn, and it doesn't look like anything else I've seen pictures of online. If you respond to this & would like to see a picture, I can personally e-mail it to you. I want to post a picture on here, but I don't know how if there's a way. Help!

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Until you can get her into the vet, soak it twice a day for 10 minutes in betadine solution. This will at least keep it clean. Cover with Vet wrap or a sock for her walks. Corns aren't common (unless you have my breed), and would be on the pawpads and don't bleed. Sounds like she may have an injury.

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If it's a pus-y lump then it's likely to be an abscess where she has cut her foot or something like a sharp grass seed has gone in and caused an infection. Get to the vet asap because if it's small enough it might be ok with lancing and antibiotics but once it grows larger it will need surgery to clean it out and put a drain in it.

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