what do you think this charge should be?

dixiedollAugust 18, 2010

Iam trying to get a base idea on a couple of charges regarding repairs to a home I pulled out of foreclosure.

I am working on a limited budget. Could anyone offer a "guesstimate" on the following?

1. Removing two toilets and installing two new ones?

  1. Repairing stems in the bathtub and putting on a new shower head.

3. Installing a "drop-in" bathroom sink and a drop-in

stainless steel kitchen sink. They would also

disconnect the disposal and repair two small leaks

under the sink.

4. Reglaze one bath tub.

I am asking because the estimates on these jobs have varied greatly. Just to install the two toilets there was a huge difference. If anyone could offer me guidance I'd greatly appreciate it.


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Toilets depends greatly on what toilet you install. Toilets range from $50 to over $500.

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The majority of the jobs that you're talking about are easily DIYable at a labor cost of 0. A limited budget should investigate learning a few basic home improvement skills and replacing a toilet is right up there with one of the easiest possible jobs.

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Dixie doll...

Just as an opinion... your question seems too nebulous to answer.

I flip homes and have no idea of labor in your area... but live wire oak has the best advice on this.

If it is just replace a toilet (color change) two bolts and a $2 wax ring and lifting a 50 lb toilet will do it. What's a reasonable handyman cost to do two that are close by, I don't know $150 ??? However, if the flange is rusted out, or the flooring is rotted, or you need a riser plate ???.

Dropping in a sink... Do you have to remove a sink.. from tile or formica... same size... same drop... dwv proper on them???

Disconnect the disposer... pull the plug... or replumb without the disposer.... two small leaks... tighten the p-trap... or rusted out trap and arm...

Reglaze a tub... this one varies significantly with the job and the jobber. Assuming a porceline enamal cast iron tub, a decent quality reglaze in Denver Co will cost about 500 to 600. You can get all sorts of quality though... and some will peel very quickly... you can even buy crap at HD for $40 and do it youyrself... fair amount of work and I would not expect it to last 90 days if used.

Sorry...Can't tell you what's fair. Maybe check each parties references. Quality and price do not necessarily directly relate in these trades.

Good luck.... Peter

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"What do you think this charge should be?"

How much ya got? :)

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you should be in virginia..Im so reasonable I hardly ever run out of work and all to code..lol..but its pretty much like the others said, Id charge 150 for two toiets with no issues(bad flange,unlevel floor, rotted joists. etc)

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No one is living there, right? Find the water line shut off for each toilet, by the tank. Turn off the water. Flush the toilet so it's empty tank and bowl. Remove the nuts on the bolts that hold the fixture to the floor. Lift the toilet up (may need to gently jiggle some to loosen it from the seal to the drain pipe) and move it outside. Stare at it for a while so you can see just how easy it will be to put the new one down. Have a big screw driver and putty knife. Ppoke to be sure nothing feels rotten in the subfloor. Scrape off the old adhesive/wax ring around the pipe. Don't worry, it's just deteriorated crud. Measure from the back was to the center of the flush pipe. (Ppl who know what they are doing can do this before any removal.) Write down that measurement and go to Lowe's and buy an all-in-one to fit. It'll tell you on the box. You get bolts, wax ring, toilet seat, flusher-stuff that does into the take, You might have to get that stainless steel flex hose to attach to tank -> water supply. If you need to replace the floor bolts, you may need to cut a couple of inched off too so you need a hacksaw. Place the bowl and give it some good rocking to be sure it seats on the wax ring. Put the rest of the stuff together (there are instructions). Turn the water on and flush! Caulk. Takes less time than for me to type this.

BTW, if it's a small BR get a round bowl. Amazing how much less space it takes up. And consider "comfort height". That's becoming the new standard height again.

You may find this task so satisfying to accomplish (really unbelievably easy!) that you'll do it every other year, just for fun!

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