What would cause goop in sink drain and stopper?

arkansas_girlAugust 20, 2010

In my bathroom sink, I noticed it draining kind of slow so I immediately grabbed up the stopper and pulled it up out of the drain and it was covered with a globby goop. When I say covered, I mean thick with it, it was probably 1/4 in thick all over the entire length of the stopper. It was kind of light orange in color. What in the world would cause this? The only thing we use in the sink is Soft Soap, the antibacterial one that's orange. Then of course toothpaste. Other than that it's just the cleaning product I use that is usually just scrubbing bubbles. Could that soft soap goop up a drain like that? That's disgusting! I have never ever seen this happen before in all my years of using soft soap. I just cannot think of anything else we would be washing down the drain.

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Over time, toothpaste "wash" + bacteria.

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I have to say I've used toothpaste my entire life and I've never seen anything like this! It had really not been that long since I pulled the stopper up, maybe a couple months. So it took maybe two months for this goop to form.

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Might be slime mold. Also check your toilet tank inner walls for a slight coating. If your wash basin has an overflow outlet chamber that has one or two drains below the stopper that is another hangout.

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