How long does a dog squeaky toy last ?

toomuchglassOctober 2, 2011

I have a cocker spaniel-ish dog (mutt) and from the day I brought her home from the humane society at 3 months old --- her mission in life was to destroy anything that squeaks after she plays with it for awhile. Then I guess she gets bored and starts picking at a single thread gets longer & longer ... pretty soon a seam is open ... and she decides to "gut it" ..... there goes all the stuffing. She's 6 .... a forever puppy. I buy her small laytex squeakies - and she plays with them they they break naturally . How long do toys last in your house ?

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I can't imagine those little plastic squeakies would last for any dog with teeth. Try Cuz balls, or Great China Brand stuffies. The Cuz balls come in different strengths (indicated by color) but all are for chewing and make a high pitched squeak. Dogs love them and they last for ever. Great China stuffies are plush and large and well made. Not a match for Cuz, but good toys that hold up well too.

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Squeaky toys? You gotta be kidding. I think the quickest my pooch ever killed one was about thirty seconds. Doesn't make much difference how expensive they are and I found out most dog toys are purchased to suit the owner's tastes. LOL.

He now carries around a stuffed cow. The cow is decapitated, and has one leg left and the grunter and squeaker are long gone. It's also destuffed and the seams are open. IOW the dog carries around a ragged piece of plush fabric in a cow print.

He dearly loves squeakers however, so I started making them for him myself out of various fabrics. I seem to do a decent job of putting internal restraints into the squeaker mechanisms and put in numerous ones so that he can kill three of them and it'll still squeak. Sometimes I make them out of canvas, and sometimes just use old socks. Buy the squeakers by the bag.

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As soon as my pup's new teeth came in, she started demolishing her squeaky toys. The last one lasted about 2 minutes. I'm scared to let her have them now because of fear of her either swallowing a wad of stuffing whole or the squeaker itself. I did keep one of the squeakers to get her to come when she's outside and I want her in. (Only works sometimes.) We got her one of those fire hose toys and she has only managed to tear up one corner of that so far. She does the same thing, finds one little bump or string in the seam and works it with her front teeth until it's open, then pulls out all of the stuffing, I caught her with one of them pulled inside out trying to get to the last bit of stuffing in one of the legs of her bunny.

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I stopped using the squeaky toys years ago because they chew them up fast and I didn't want my dogs to eat the squeaker which just falls out. my dogs love camera cases (I remove the zipper tab), gloves, beanies etc, no stuffing to worry about, no metal bits for the dogs to swallow etc. when one of my dogs was a pup I got her a kong toy and filled it up with dog biscuits, that kept her busy for ages!

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My brother has a Boston terrier (?? not quite pure-bred, I think) that's a TERROR... I call him completely deranged! Totally the fault of his "up-bringing", but that's another topic. This dog can destroy ANY toy in very little time. Have been told that he can rip apart KONGS!!

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Funny! Like the OP, a plush stuffed squeaky toy lasts a couple of hours at most ... then I find the stuffing all over the hosue, and other bits here and there.

But rubber squeaky toys can last a long time! Guess they aren't as fun!

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My pooch doesn't like any toy made of rubber. The last one didn't either. I think with their acute sense of smell, they find them distasteful. I am also concerned about dogs swallowing the squeakers inside toys, and the filling as well. I sew my squeakers into a pouch and then tack the pouch into place inside their toys so they can't be manipulated as easily and then stuff it. I do repair the seams if they get pulled open, and after the dog begins to really like the toy, if he keeps working open the seams to bleed stuffing, I 'destuff' it and he is familiar enough with the deflated toy he still carries it around.

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