Urgent help needed selecting granite color for Maple Honey Spice

justjoeMarch 22, 2008


My wife and I have embarked on a kitchen remodel project. We're about two weeks from finishing.

Our kitchen is smallish and because of that we went with the Kraftmaid Lexington cabs in Honey Spice. Our appliances are going to be stainless steel and for granite we chose Gold of Troy color aka St. Cecilia.

Today, I have been looking at pictures of this style kitchen, on the web, and one common denominator seems to be that all the countertops colors matched to the Honey Spice seem to be very dark like UbaTuba or blacks and dark grey. We originally thought of using UbaTuba, but because of the small size of the kitchen, we thought it'd be best to go lighter.

My question is, do you think we picked a good color combo? If not, I would appreciate any advice. Monday the 24th, the countertop people are coming to make the template, and then I'm afraid it will be too late to change.

If you have this combo, would you please post some pictures or a link to them?

Sorry about this late notice; it really never occurred to me to look for forums until now. I would really appreciate any and all advice.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.


Here's a link to our kitchen remodel; please take a look:



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I have Santa Cecilia Gold with white perimeter and black island....I think it would look lovely with your cabinets. Uba Tuba would look nice too-I don't feel it would make the space look to dark at all. I would go with SC-but I am biased as I love it!

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What are you planning for backsplash? Personally, I'd like to see something with a little more visual interest since right now your floor, cabinets and planned granite are all very similar. They match nicely, but I think the overall look might be too much the same. Now, a backsplash could easily provide some contrast or you could choose darker counters.

As far as being a small kitchen, my kitchen is smaller than yours and I have Maple Spice (different vendor so not exactly the same stain) cabinets with soapstone counters. I don't think the dark counters are a problem at all as far as the small space.

That said, go with what YOU like! If you like everything more neutral then do that. Don't do dark counters just because you see everyone else doing it :)

You said you've seen lots of pics but I'll throw mine in anyway :)

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I have KM Ginger Glaze cabinets, somewhat similar to your stain. We were planning on Santa Cecilia but when we went to the granite yard, the salesman showed us how bolder and brighter granites actually made the cabinet color seem to "pop"--from a a sort of subdued natural tone, to a wow, rich color. We ended up going with Typhoon Green, something I never would have considered on my own. I'd think Uba Tuba would look really nice, any of the blacks, or even one of the red stones. Of course, it depends on what you're looking for; Santa Cecilia will give you a subdued, relaxed look, I'd think. I may be colorblind.

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I agree w/the comments that a more neutral kitchen will feel subdued, a more contrasted kitchen will feel energetic.

Personally, I prefer a subdued kitchen. Color can always be brought in w/paint, accessories, window treatments, rugs etc. I like the overall feeling of calm b/c kitchens can be chaotic places. Our kitchen and dining areas (eat in kitchen w/o separate dining room) are the same space and there is no way to visually block out the prep area. Since they are together, and I like to feel relaxed while I eat, I went with a subdued, neutral kitchen (and huge sink to hide dishes). Our cabs are light birch, the counters are light and neutral (solid surface white w/mainly taupe speckles), appliances are white, and floor is medium taupe/tan. Our dining set is that trendy espresso color.

I went with what I loved (within our budget, which was relatively small compared to many I've seen on this forum) and what DH and I could compromise on b/c this is our kitchen. It's WAY better than the old kitchen. Do what you love and want to see every day.

I snapped a couple pics for you in our not-yet-finished-but-quite-useable kitchen. Hope this helps!

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Joe, there is no one right or wrong choice with any of this stuff. The possiblities are endless. Within the realm of good combinations there will be ones either sing to you or not. If your combination makes you smile, then that's the one for you.

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Here's a good exercise for you.

Pick up a design magazine, or visit the finished kitcen blog here on GW. DO NOT LOOK FOR COLOR! Instead, look at contrast only. Don't think of styles, don't focus on woods or on the granite name, instead quickly label the kitchen "high contrast" (ie your black with maple idea) or "low contrast" (your current choice) and you might throw in there a "medium contrast" which I would call that light cabinet with green counters.

Just quickly, go through the kitchens and check out which ones sing to you, using only the contrast as your guide. Squint if necessary (a great way to see contrast only). You should have your answer after a dozen or two kitchens. :)

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It's true -- you need to go with what speaks to you. I think the more monochromatic look is beautiful in its own right, and can be very calming and sophisticated. (I'm assuming the SC that you chose was the lighter variety -- the stone can range from light to a medium dark tone....)

What draws some to the Uba Tuba is the drama -- the high contrast. You've pbly seen my kitchen already, but just for a point of reference, here's a pic. I have a small, north facing, galley kitchen (13 X 8). My cabinets are Kraftmaid toffee maple (just one shade darker than yours), and I chose Verde Butterfly granite (similar to Uba Tuba, but with white and garnet flecks in it). Obviously, I love high contrast and drama! :-) We don't find our kitchen to be dark at all.

Here's a link to another kitchen you may or may not have seen with honey spice maple cabs and tropic brown granite. If you are concerned about the granite darkening the kitchen, take a look at this one and notice how it's not the horizontal surface that influences the "lightness" of the kitchen, but the vertical surfaces (i.e., cabs and backsplash). HTH!

But go with the look YOU love -- only you will be living with it...

Here is a link that might be useful: Ophiemom's kitchen w/Maple Honey Spice Cabs

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I just came back from looking at tile and I opened the forum to the exact question I am having. I am getting light cherry mission door and slab drawer cabinets and new SS appiances. I went to the granite yard yesterday looking at light granite with lots of movement. I came away with a lot of good choices, but now that I am looking at the tile I am thinking that everything will look way to washed out. So it is back to the granite yard to look at darker granite. I brushed away the idea of subway tile as being too boring, but I am now thinking that if I choose an interesting granite that I will want to tone down the backsplash. I would love to see more examples of honey/med wood cabinets.

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My cabinets are a very similar color to yours. We have UbaTuba and couldn't be happier with our choice. It's very easy to care for too! Here is a picture of our kitchen.

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I had spice maple at my last house and I used red dragon. Here's a photo.

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mustbnuts zone 9 sunset 9

Hey there Joe! Just saw your kitchen remodel pictures. What a great job you have done. I think the granite will be absolutely beautiful! I wouldn't change it unless you see something you fall in love with more at the stone yard. There are lots of colors and movement in St. Cecelia. You can pick one of those for the back splash or use a bright color in kitchen towels, window treatments, etc., if you want something more vivid. Bring a cabinet door to the stone yard and see what you think. St. Cecelia is a beautiful stone. I think you will be very happy. Your kitchen has a nice zen quality about it. Feels good to be there sort of thing.

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Both looks are nice, but you did choose the more subdued granite because that is what your eyes gravitated towards. I think it will look great, and unless you are really having serious second thoughts, you will probably be happier sticking with your original preference. I say go for it- it will be gorgeous.

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This morning I saw amcofar's post in another backsplash thread. If you go to this site, you can get some help to see what it will look like. (you select the cabinet color, the granite etc). I STILL think it will look great, but maybe this will help you out.

Here is a link that might be useful: some visualization help

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We have mission style cherry cabinets with a medium brown stain called briarwood. We have selected Emerald Pearl granite.

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Neither way is right or wrong. Different effects with each one. If possible, after you've done the visual exercise suggested by Igloochic, I would even revisit a large kitchen show room and pay attention to each room. Which one takes your breath away or makes you feel at home? Do you love the serenity of having similar tones, or are you wowed by more contrast?

BTW, the darker counters are often so shiny, that they reflect so much light, that it doesn't really seem dark. but, it doesn't look like you get a lot of natural light in your kitchen, so maybe staying with all lighter tones IS the way to go!

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I was looking over on home decorating forum and look up karenforroses. her kitchen has very light cabinets but the point I am trying to make is that it is very soft looking and very pretty. I dunno if I can link it.

Here is a link that might be useful: pretty pic for example

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I'd like to take the opportunity to thank each and every one of you for your valuable feedbak. After much soul searching and after taking igloochic's advice for the exercise and after taking into consideration all the advice about adding contrast with accessories and backsplash colors, my wife and I have decided to stay with the Gold of Troy granite.

We think that for now, we'll stay with the white backsplash and study the different colors in the granite, for a while, and then we'll paint the backsplash with some color that brings out some of the colors in the granite. Probably we're going to stay with the 4 inch backsplash and paint the rest because we think that if we ever get tired of the color it would be much cheaper to buy a can of paint and change the backsplash.

I'll be sure to post pictures in the appropriate section, when the project is completed.

I perused the gallery area for most of the day, Saturday, and I have to say that I am very impressed with the different tastes and styles in this wonderful community.

I hope that by posting pictures, we too can be of help to future (and present) member with cabinets and stone selection as you have been to us.

Again, thank you everyone and ejoy your beautiful kitchens.

Best regards,


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I just saw your post and think you made the best choice. Can't wait to see the kitchen when it's finished.

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Gold of Troy huh... can't say I've heard of it. Some web searching said its the same thing as "Santa Cecilia" if that's the case it should be nice - get us some pictures of that slab!!

Maple Honey Spice is very close to my color cabinets but with a touch of red - I "broke the rules" and went with somewhat of a "medium" granite... its darker than the cabs but not the tons of contrast people talk about and it turned out great.

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mysterymachine, thank you so much for posting pictures of your beautiful kitchen. Although we have different styles granite (mine is more speckled while yours has more veins), we're in the same neighborhood as far as color, and I have to say that I am rather pleased with contrast between the lighter wood and the somewhat darker stone.

I posted pictures of the slab on Flickr, but the pictures do not do the slab any justice because I had forgotten my camera and took pictures with my cell phone making the slab look greenish instead of the warmer, yellowish tan/gold.

Should have the counters within 1-2 weeks. My wife and I can now sleep a little better after seeing your pictures.

Thanks again,


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mystermachine...your granite has sparked some tension between me and DH. I love, love, love your slab...and DH would rather go with something more uniform and less movement. I plan on accidentally leaving him at home when it's time to choose the countertops (lol)!

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Joe, I'm glad it helped you rest easier... at the time everything I'd read talked about contrast so I can understand how you were nervous.

FairyTale.. LOL I've never started an argument with a picture before :) There is more on my finished kitchen thread if it helps you win the argument. :) I lucked out that my DW loved the granite as much as I did... for the rest of the stuff well I just kept talking about it so much I think I brainwashed her into just going with what I picked! ;)

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I am new to this site and I love the photos that were posted in response to the above question. Krislrob, patti823 and mysterymachine, would you mind telling me the color and brand of your cabinets. Those are the colors I am considering. Thanks for your help

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Hey lecuzz, rather than typing it out and filling up joes thread if you look at my kitchen thread here it has all the answers on the cabinets and more. You might have to dig a little (ctrl+f on the thread is helpful for finding info). If you still have questions just ask on that thread and I'll be happy to answer. Thanks.

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Well, we just had our electrical finished and approved by the inspector. We're about one week away from having the counters installed and then finish plumbing after that. We see light at the end of the tunnel. Can't wait.


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My cabinets are by Homecrest and they are Caramel Maple. Best of luck in planning you kitchen!


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Hi, everybody:

It finally happened. The kitchen is done and I believe the colors and contrast match perfectly. Like most everyone else, we'll live with it for a while before deciding what do to with the backsplash.

Again, thanks everyone for helping us deciding the contrast that was best for us.


Ps. Her's a link to the pictures and there is also a before and after set.


Here is a link that might be useful: Kitchen remodel

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Looks really nice! Love the table and chairs!

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Melle Sacto, could you tell me the brand and color of your white with speckles solid surface? We are looking at a lot of lights and whites (not solids though) and I think yours looks very pretty. Thanks.

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Hi joannb:

Sorry for such a late reply--I've been trying to control my kitchen forum addiction and so missed the end of this particular thread :-)

Our counter is made by LivingStone--it's equivalent to Corian and we were able to have an integrated Corian brand sink installed. The color is called "Volcanic Ash" and, after revisiting my photos above, I think it looks even better in person.

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melle sancto - We just had Livingstone's Volcanic Ash installed and we love it. I've been debating whether to go with a bold red backsplash, but I love your calm green.

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mustbnuts zone 9 sunset 9

Joe, you did a great job. Again, I think it is a very quiet, Zen feel to it. Congrats!

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I think your kitchen looks great, too! Nice choices.

effiemyrtle: I'm glad you love your counter! I think it's really pretty and can look good with so many different cab/paint/backsplash choices. We're going to put in a basic white backsplash behind the stove area only. I think a bold red backsplash will provide an energetic vibe.

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Sorry for coming late to the party. I think the Santa Cecilia looks great. I'm a neutral girl.....sort of tones down my overwhelming personality. Here are Honey spice and Shivakashi.

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JustJoe, I love your kitchen. Could you tell me what crown molding you used? Was it Kraftmaid? What size and style is it? Thanks, Jane

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