Replacing wall mounted sink

paulacatAugust 14, 2010

I have a small sink that is attached to a tile wall. I want to replace it with a vanity/sink combo. As far as I can tell, the sink is essentially "glued" to the wall. How do I go about removing it without damaging the (discontinued thus unmatchable) ceramic tile? Thanks!

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Look up under the sink at the wall.

There have been a lot of different methods used to fasten sinks.

Some use a metal plate on the wall that the sink hangs from, and removing the sink after disconnecting all plumbing is usually not hard.

Any caulk along the back edge between the sink and wall needs to be cut through, then just lift the sink straight up.

Others use screws though holes in the back of the sink into the studs.

If it appears there is nothing holding it I would bet on the bracket method.

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Thanks so much for your reply. Now that you mention the bracket, I think that IS how it's mounted. The sink was taken off the wall once a long time ago and it seems I remember that. Thanks again!

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Finally got around to this project and sink was indeed resting in a bracket. I was able to remove it, install new vanity and sink, and hook up all the plumbing (did have to get extension for drain pipe)...with no help from hubby or plumber. : ))) I love it when that happens.

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i have the same issue w/a wall mounted sink on til ive had a new vanity w/sink sitting around for a month and 1/2 im going into the bathroom now to check how its attached.

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