Can a sump pump run continuously?

jim_w_nyAugust 1, 2009

We have had a ton of rain like 7" the other day. I have an old basement, laid up stone, which leaks when the water table is high. So the pump has been working over time. Just wondering if I should it shut it off for awhile?

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To shut it off would defeat the purpose of it being there. Make sure the float is adjusted so that the pump is not coming on needlessly, meaning it cycles before the sump is sufficiently filled. 7" of rain is surely a lot but, if you notice the pump runs too much during less rain, you may want to keep a spare on hand. You should also look for ways to possibly contour the grading around the house where the water could run elsewhere from the downspouts.

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That comment about the downspots is helpful.

I also extended the hose on the sump pump so it drained further from the house. That seemed to help. And a sunny day no doubt helped too as the sump pump finally caught up. And a spare pump is another good idea. I was already thinking about my local hardware store that most likely had run out of pumps after that downpour.

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