Jack Russell pup and lame cat

cheryl_pOctober 9, 2009

A family member has just adopted a 4 mo. old pup from a rescue. It presumably is a mix but looks so much like a smooth Jack Russell terrier that I'd put heavy bets on it. And energy- whew!!! Fits, doesn't it? It is obvious that the more energy they can drain out of him, the better - eeeks! -but any suggestions on keeping him out of the cats litter box and food when they have to remain on a lower level since the cat is permanantly lame and can't jump higher? There is really no place ground level that they can put the box or food that that terrier can't wiggle through. Any suggestions? They are getting pretty worn down but I encourage them to keep their chins up. Will it get better or will it be a constant challange? Any JR owners out there?

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A thought occurred to me- can anyone chime in here? What about using an invisible fence indoors? I generally don't like the things since I don't trust that they are "foolproof", etc. but would they be safe inside, say around a doorframe? It seems like it may be part of a solution.

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that's a tough one, cheryl. i never thought about using an invisible fence inside so i have no idea if that would work.

the only things i can think of are #1-a "scat mat" placed in a doorway to one room where you can put the cat's food and water and possibly keep the pup out but then, it might also keep the cat out! :O

#2-keeping the cat's food and water in a cat carrier with an opening too small for the puppy to squeeze through.

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The only solution I can offer is to feed the cat two or three scheduled meals a day in a separate room with the door shut to keep the puppy out of the cat's food.

The litterbox is a whole other issue. Two of my dogs will stay out of the litterboxes with occasional firm reminders from me. The third dog refuses to learn that lesson, so he is leashed to a chair leg in my livingroom when he's indoors. When he's outside, he runs around as much as he wants (I live on a farm with no close neighbors).

Good luck finding workable solutions with a JRT pup.


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I googled indoor invisible fence and found this. It might work.

Here is a link that might be useful: Indoor fence

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Hopefully they can clean out the cat box asap after the cat makes a deposit. Obviously owners can not be there all of the time. Same with the cat food. Tho they should try and feed the cat on a schedule and pck up the cat food as soon as the cat is finished - someone else can take the dog for a walk while the cat is eating.
Here is the deal. You can train a dog by keeping the leash on the dog while it is in the house, have someone hold the elash, does not matter who, as long as the dog is being supervised, when it starts for the kitty box or food, tell the dog to leave it, and re-direct the dogs focus to something else. If you catch the dog in the act you can use a very small dab of toothpaste or tobasco sauce as adversion training. It does not take much, ultimately the dog will associate the sauce with a nasty taste and leave the cats things alone,the bottle can be left opened (they have one of those anti-spill tops) by the cat food and the cat litter box to keep the dog remembering.
Please refer the owners to some positive reinforcement training, it is worth it. JRTs NEED stimlus and one walk a day is not nearly enough. You might want to find a fly ball organization or even one of those terrier organizations that have man made rat tunnels for the dogs to run in order for them to tire out on a regular basis. Good luck to your family members.

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As a previous JRT owner, don't look forward to the dog losing his energy as he gets older. They don't mellow with age, like labs do. There is certainly a difference between puppy energy and adult energy, but their always zippy.

I have a coworker who uses and indoor fence to keep his cats out of the lower level of their split level home. They have fish and a bird in the lower level, the cats tended to hunt the bird and fish, so he was able to separate them with the indoor fence.

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Thanks for the posts, everyone. The future is looking very positive. Dog obedience classes are working wonderfully and the method is "clicker" which has always intrigued me. This little guy is SMART! After one class he was sitting instantly on the word! We also found that several of the invisible fence companies actually make what are called "zone barriers" and this has kept him (so far) out of the cat room, even though he will sit and study the room from a distance now.

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