Justice for Breezy

Artiste8October 25, 2013

A dog was beaten in Ottawa, Canada. This is very hard for me to write about. The dog is in stable condition and doing better at the Ottawa Humane Society. She will need surgery. Please sign the petition and tell your friends. The petition is to make sure the guy who did this gets the maximum penalty. Also, to make sure he never is allowed to own an animal aver again.



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Breezy is doing better. She is trusting people again and has bonded with some of her care givers. She has gone through surgery and may need more surgery. Dogs are loving and just want to be loved. She is receiving wonderful care and is very lucky. I heard the man who did this is out on bail. I hope he gets what he deserves

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So many horrible animal abuse stories lately, it is so sad. But at least this one has a happy ending. And I also hope the creep gets exactly what he deserves, along with all the other abusers.

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