Very Delicate Doggie Question

jannieOctober 26, 2010

I have a little problem with my female Wheaten terrier, Molly. She's seven years old and in excellent health. Thers's just this one little problem. For about a week she's had a little piece of poop stuck on her butt. I've tried pulling it off with a kleenex and latex gloves, but it hurts her and she runs away from me. In the past, when this has happened, I took her to her groomer. But I hate to make a special trip. She was already there earlier this month. And the groomer costs big buck$ It doesn't seem to be bothering her, she doesn't scratch or lick (yuck!) at it. Any suggestions?

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If it's stuck on a piece of hair, just cut the hair.

Otherwise, take a warm, wet washcloth and hold it against her butt while you hold her for a couple of minutes. It should then come off a lot easier.

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Most of us have had that same problem.....uhm.....I mean our pets have had it, not us. LOL. The Klingons really need to be removed, or they can cause some serious skin irritation. If she won't let you apply the warm washcloth and soften it to where you can smash it and gently pull it off, give her a sitz bath. I used to have to do that with my cat, who had a megacolon and often had similar situation after I managed to give him an enema and then he ran off to have some privacy to evacuate.

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yep, I think a lot of us have been in this situation lol or as calliope says our pets have :)

Is it just stuck to the hair or skin? I agree with a wet wash cloth or pop her in a tub and wash it off with shampoo and water.

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When my Shih Tzus have this problem and they are hard to take off I soak a cotton ball with vegetable oil and and make sure I get as much as possible on the "will not" and then later in the day they have softened up and are easy to remove.

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When this occasionally happens with one of my schnauzers, and if they won't let me take care of it any other way, I just go ahead and give them a warm bath. I completely soak the "offending area" first and then begin washing the rest of the body, leaving the rear area for last. After it has soaked for a few minutes, it comes right off. Maybe it's just me, but they always seem relieved to get the unwanted "hitchhiker" off.

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This morning I tried one more time. I had bought a package of makeup removing cloths at the 99 cent store. Using two cloths,I managed to get off most of the offending bit. Molly didn't seem to mind at all. The tiny bit still there will wash off in the next day or two, using a piece of baby washcloth and a little shampoo and warm water. Thanks to all who answered. .

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just be careful of using something with alcohol in it jannie because alcohol can be really irritating if it gets on the skin. I usually pop them in the laundry trough with front paws on the edge and the hand held shower rose washes most of it away and then I clean up the rest with shampoo and just towel off the back end.

next time you are at the groomers you can tell them to do a good clean shave back there, a lot of groomers dont like doing that because they think it's a bit unsightly but I always clipped the back ends very close to prevent the "hitchhikers" as vicki calls them :)

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Haven't had the exact problem with our dogs but a couple of the Min-Pins get the anal glands impacted & they try & 'scoot' on the carpet or out on the lawn as they irritated them. Had the vet empty the glands ($$) & showed me how to do it but since restricting their food to all dry food the glands seem to be cleaned out naturally with their bowel movement. Seems that they are scent glands no longer needed but used many eons ago!!

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