I Put Dog Frontline Plus on My Cat - Ok?

suziequeOctober 5, 2012

Hi -

My cat and dog are about the same size - 10 or 11 pounds. Tonight I was putting their Frontline Plus on, and I don't know how I did it but I put the dog's dose on the cat. I opened the remaining vial, which I thought was the dog one, and was about to put it on the dog but noticed it said Cat.

So I tried to wash the dose off the cat. And I didn't put the cat vial on the dog.

First thing, of course, is the cat's health. I think I got most of it off; do you think she'll be Ok? Of course, Google results have all sorts of opinions.

Second, because I sure hate to waste the dose, is it ok to put the cat vial on the dog?

I'll toss it rather than risk the health of the dog, of course.

Thoughts on what else I should do for the cat and whether or not I can use the cat vial on the dog?


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My vet says that it's not an issue. Fleas are fleas.

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Read the following link:

Here is a link that might be useful: Frontline Plus

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Thank you both!

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There is nothing in frontline plus that is lethal to a cat... just don't make the same mistake with Advantix (often confused for Advantage which is safe for cats), which does have a very toxic product that can make cats very sick.

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