Aussie or Anatolian

kellied888October 1, 2009

Can anyone tell if this puppy is a lab mixed with Aussie or Anatolian?

Here is a link that might be useful: fochp web site

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"Doesn't chew on stuff, nor does she jump up on you". Hmmmmm....are they sure she's a puppy? Sorry, couldn't resist. As far as which she is mixed with, it seems it's hard to tell at this age. Cute little sweetie, tho.

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I doubt she is Anatolian - they are usually whiter in color. They grow to be over 40 pounds, she is nine weeks. If I had to foster a guess I would say she is Aussie mix, probably with a setter or lab...

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Aussie pups are rarely "mellow" unless they are ill. Nor are they shorthaired. Sorry, but I don't see any Aussie in that pup.


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Just my opinion, but I think this is your basic black mixed breed. One of the very best you can find :)

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Look - my big guy has almost the same markings. I really don't believe he has either Aussie or Anatolian based on both his looks and his behavior. But he's a great dog :)

I guess my point is - if you are thinking about adopting this little cutie, I wouldn't really worry about what breed she might be so long as you like her personality.

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Not Anatolian Shepherd - doesn't have the right tail, coloring, head shape, size etc. Absolutely nothing to indicate any ASD is mixed in there

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She could even have some Border Collie in her.............

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I am always somewhat skeptical of guessing the ancestry of mixed breeds, though perhaps a vet or similar could do better. It seems all big black dogs or those with some foot webbing are lab mixes, etc. etc. A close friend of mine growing up had a purebred, white Eskimo Spitz in their fenced yard, but the neighbors small, tan mixed breed dug under and got to her. She had seven puppies, all VERY different, and none looked like mom. Of the two they kept, one was a very light tan dog with small pointy ears that looked like a slightly oversize chihuahua, and another darker brown with a black mask, floppy-eared, semilonghaired little girl that might look like a spaniel mix. All the other pups each looked very different too.

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I'd guess half or quarter Border Collie.

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The girl on the right is my contribution to this thread. Her coloring is very much the same as your pup. But she is long-haired and has a natural bob tail. Originally we thought Border/Aussie mix. But she kept getting bigger, and the look of her head, combined with some distinctly non-herding personality traits, makes me think there is some Great Pyr in there, too. All that to say, who knows? Looks like a sweet puppy.

The bottom pic is of her at around 5 months. Very fluffy (and her ears eventually stood up, as you can see)!

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Jakobedy, i know this is an old thread and you say "bigger" but what is very big? Don't forget, the aussie scale of size is one of the most widely varied (35 lbs to 75 lbs for males I think). Yes, the standard top weight for male aussie is 75 lbs.

Looking at your pup those ears scream aussie to me (not looking at the original poster and his/her pup right now).

That's the TOP weight for STANDARD. Then there are those dogs who fell outside the standard (not breeding quality) who were bigger. My Mocha was a shelter dog but was 85 lbs and aussie through and through - 10 lbs outside the standard.

At a show I took him too once - he met his female twin who WAS showing and her owners fell in love with him instantly. She was gorgeous and very large also. I'm not sure where she placed, but bear in mind you can't always count on the standard unless you got a show dog.

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Cindy -

My girl is only 45+ pounds (and built like a bird), so she still fits in the standard. But the Aussie ears she had as a pup became straight-up Border ears by the time she was one! (That's her in both of the pictures). Her tail is a natural bob, so I'm sure she's got "a lot" of Aussie. But as a shelter pup with no provenance, who's to say?

The red merle boy in the pic with her has the more typical Aussie build and temperament, and is a purebred rescue. All Jax all the time! And he's all about fetching, and balls, and frisbees. My girl is more about just running and cutting and being chased (couldn't care less about a ball). She's also very sensitive and cognizant of what's going on around her all the time - more attuned to DH and me than to the other dogs.

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I'm fostering 2 puppies right now. They just turned 8 weeks old and I got them from my local shelter 3 weeks ago. I can assure you there must be something wrong with this puppy who sounds like Cesar Millan's dog Daddy.

I agree with Prairie Love when she says "this is your basic black mixed breed. One of the very best you can find". You have beautiful dogs Praire Love.

Good luck and rescue dogs make the best pets ever.


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