Toilet rim clogged with plastic bag

lesterjAugust 27, 2010


I believe the passage from the tank of my toilet to the bowl is clogged with a plastic bag.


There was a slight leak from the part (part of the floater system) that fills the tank which was spraying onto the lid of the tank and then leaking out the back of the tank. So, for a quick fix, I put a plastic sandwich bag over the top of the part figuring it would simply block the leak from spraying the lid, but allow the water to continue to flow into the tank. It worked fine at first, but then apparently the plastic bag came off and ended up floating in the tank. Next time we flushed...the plastic bag went with the water and got stuck in the rim of the bowl.

I've tried pushing a pipe cleaner up the holes in the rim of the bowl didn't have any issues. After doing that I flushed again and it flushed fine. I figure I just moved the plastic bag away from the holes for the moment. I also tried shoving an unbent clothes hanger though the hole beneath the stopper in the tank, but was unable to retrieve anything.

So, I figure it's just a matter of time until the plastic bag clogs the rim again.

Any suggestions on how to get the plastic bag out or dissolve the bag or something.



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Hi, Try a wet or dry vacuum. Shut off the water to the toilet and remove the flapper put the vacuum nozzel in the hole where the flapper was and turn it on. Be aware that I never had this problem so this is just a guess, with a little fooling around this may work.
Good Luck Woodbutcher

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I have removed such bags with a tool similar to this. Make take several tries to grasp the bag.

Here is a link that might be useful: Claw tool.

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If you have an air compressor............

Empty the water out. Take high-pressure air nozzle and make a slightly curved extention for it. Put that extension into the hole in the toilet-rim farthest away from water supply. Blast one way, then the other. Repeat in each hole "walking" closer and closer back to the tank on both sides - except only blast one-way.

Sooner or later, that plastic bag will come flying out.

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