Plumbing acoustic isolators for noise

mvmartinAugust 5, 2010


We're remodeling our house, and will have plumbing running down through 1st floor walls.

I'm trying to reduce noise from the pipes (water and waste). I had an acoustics engineer recommend to me to try and "isolate" the pipes (especially the water) from the studs used to hold them.

He recommended using an acoustical through-stud isolator which uses a soft material to dampen any movement in the pipe. He mentioned 2 (one by HoldRite, the other by Acousto-plumb). I was trying to see if anyone has any experience with these.

1) Is one of them better than the other?

2) Anything to watch out for or be aware of?


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The isolators, and I don't know which, if either is better, will help keep the vibrations from being transferred directly to the studs and wallboard, but you also need to fill the wall cavity with sound deadening material to keep the cavity from being an echo chamber for the vibrating drainpipe.

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