Bosch Dryer LP Conversion (Cross Post in Appliances)

jscoutAugust 30, 2011

How long should it take? I just had a Bosch dryer converted to LP. I had the LP company do it and they charged me 2 hours labor. The LP plumber (an experienced guy) who delivered my tank said it was easy and that he could do it in less than an hour, but I declined, thinking my plumber would do it. When my plumber said he wouldn't do it, I called the LP company back. They sent a young kid (in his 20's) who took a full 2 hours following the directions step-by-step methodically pulling everything apart. If it shouldn't take two hours, then I want to dispute some of the charge. I shouldn't have to pay for his training.

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So, you were offered the job by an LP guy at one hour probably intending a side job under the table. You called your plumber and he declined the job. You called the LP company and they sent their licensed tech and he billed you two hours for a job that took two hours.

That about right?

Pay the LP company. Their tech did the job according to the dryer manufacturer's instructions and did not damage your Bosch dryer. Changing the orifice is simple. It's getting to the orifice and getting back without damaging anything that takes time.

You got what you paid for and besides, do you really want to make an enemy of your LP company?

I don't know about you but I expect to be paid for the work I do.

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No, that's not right. The guy who delivered it was going to add it to his work order and bill me through the LP company. "My plumber" was actually my contractors plumber and I was hoping to get him to do everything "inside" my house, since he did all the plumbing. He came onsite a few weeks after LP delivery and did all the connections, RO system, toilet, sink and was going to connect the dryer too. My contractor didn't know that the plumber was going to refuse the conversion. I'm just looking to pay what's fair. Simple as that. Everything has been at $90/hr, regional rates, so if anything is under the table, I'm not the one benefiting from it.

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In the end, the dryer still isn't hooked up. Because that licensed technician didn't have the fittings on his truck to install a 1/2" shut-off. He came up with an elaborate "lego" setup to go from 1/2" up to 3/4" then back down to flex then some more pieces to get to 3/8". I saw that contraption and I said nevermind, I'll have my plumber connect it. If I'm paying the full rate for a plumber, I expect that same quality and experience. I know one thing for sure, the LP company isn't paying him more than $60/hr. Certainly not for a junior.

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Surely you don't think that the tecnician doing the work gets all the money you pay for labor.

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