different brands ap flour-how mix?

westsider40December 18, 2011

I started baking artisan breads last December. To make surer of success, I've been buying KA flours. But I have other, older, but in the freezer, bags of ap flour, not 4g protein.

I'd like to use these other flours but I don't know the ratios of KA to others to use and still be successful. I am not throwing these other flours away. Actually about 8 lbs worth of 'other than KA' ap flours. Oh, please don't say to toss these seemingly perfectly good flours. I rarely, if ever, make cakes or other baked goods where lower gluten flours would be used. I bake da breads!

4 to 1, ? thanks

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Buy some wheat gluten and add a tablespoon to a cup fo flour....

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Thanks, Linda. I have wheat gluten. Good idea.

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