Saturnia Granite Anyone?

kas81057March 22, 2009

I am helping a friend do an emergency reno and she is strongly leaning on getting Saturnia Granite. I am finding very little info on it. Does anyone here seen it or know about it, like porosity?

Its very stunning, mainly black with crystals and white veins, white crystals and brown veins.

Any help is appreciated.

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We have Saturnia granite on our kitchen island. It's absolutely stunning. In that it's a high-end exotic and was very expensive for us (we're in the Milwaukee area and had to go to a Chicago granite yard to find it) we only used it on our island and will be doing the main counters around the remainder of the kitchen in india black pearl. We had wanted this stone with a rough (crimped?) edge and the fabricator we use in the Milwaukee area wouldn't have even touched it because of the veining in the stone (said it was too risky to break the stone)...but the fabricator in Chicago did a great job. We love our Saturnia. I wouldn't say it's porous, but some of the portions of the stone may be apt to scratch easier (where there's more mica). It has alot of glitter to it.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Sorry to hi jack, but suzp who is the fabricator you use in the Milwaukee area and would you recommend them even tho- they wouldn't do the Saturnia? I'm in the planning and re-planning stage!
That is one beautiful slab of granite.

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Thanks suzp!
Beautiful slab.

Thanks for the add'l info. Do you know where this stone is from?


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Not sure where the slab is from....I just know we had originally seen it in a store in a Chicago suburb, and when I inquired around the Milwaukee area no one had heard of "Saturnia"...however, our fabricator here in Milwaukee has something very similar called November Sky. Our Milwaukee fabricator would have done this slab if we would have done a conventional type of edge, but he wouldn't have done the rough cut on this type of piece because of the veining. We've used this fabricator for other areas in our home (bathroom) and we've been very happy with their work; they're called "Stone Dimensions" and they're in Pewaukee.

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I guess it's MY turn to learn, too. The only Saternia I've ever heard of till now isn't a granite, and that's what I'd come into this thread to say, until I saw the pics above! The Saternia I know is actually a cross cut travertine.

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Yes, Bill I found that also in my searching.

I'm finding little info on it....could be it is known as something else?

Even searching for November Sky revealed little. I did see a couple of other slabs that were similiar: Asterix, Titanium and metallic.....I saw somewhere and now can't find a site that had a list of slabs aka but now can't find the site...

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suzp, thanks for the info. We had November Sky on our short list before I changed our layout again to save a closet I decided I needed.

Kas81057, if you can find Cosmic Black but with a Sidecut take a look at that. It has a bit bigger movement but lots of sparkle. VERY different from the Cosmic Black I usually see b/c of the sidecut. November Sky was pricey too but not as much as the Saternia.

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Best I can tell from reading online, it is from Italy. NSI has pictures on their site (

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I saw a marvelous slab of Asterix (which looks very similar) and asked about it last week. This was the response from vrjames about Asterix.

"Posted by vrjames (My Page) on Thu, Mar 19, 09 at 14:04

asterix is NOT a granite. It is classified geoligically as a Phyllite (look it up on Wikipedia). I learned that name here.
It is a slate based material with various types of minerals and quartz in it.

It is being sold as kitchen suitable and is not. It will scratch. "

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owls, glenster and surveymom

Thanks for all the good info!!!

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We looked at Metallica granite and loved the look but were afraid to use it because it crumbled at the edges. We are now considering Saturnia. It is so beautiful - but has anyone used it? Was it hard to finish the edges? Is it as strong as other granite? Any information would be greatly appreciated. We will be using it on our downstairs bartop with Absolute black on the surrounding counter.

Thanks so much!

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Hanksie07 - we have Saturnia on our kitchen island (see post and pics above). Our slab has a "rough cut" edge. The fabricator recommended more of a smooth type edge (because of the mica, veining, etc), but my husband was set on the rough cut. We think the rough cut turned out nice, but we did experience mica on the floor for a week or two after the slab was installed (but no longer). I don't think you'd have any problems with the edge crumbling if you go with a more traditional type of edge. This granite has a mesh on the bottom, indicating that is is less of a "solid" type of granite than the India Black Pearl which we will be having installed soon on the remainder of counters in our kitchen. We love our's got beautiful movement and lots of depth. HTH!

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Suzp - Thanks so much for your help. I'm so glad to hear that you are happy with your Saturnia granite. We are in love with it and are planning to go see that slab next week. They have lots of other beautiful slabs to choose from, but the man said nothing is as unique as Saturnia. This is my first time to use Gardenweb and I'm thrilled to find such a great way to get information. Thanks again for your input. Your thumbs up on Saturnia is just what we needed to make our decision to use this beautiful granite!


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Nancy -- be sure to share pictures when/if you decide on the Saturnia - I'd love to see it! My husband saw a sample and fell in love with it - it was more unique (exotic is what the granite guy called it) than any that we had seen before. We get compliments from anyone who sees it!
Best of luck-

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was reading your blog, and ran across an article, on Saturnia Gold granite, which is not a granite but a schists. I found this beautiful granite and put it on hold and was going to get it installed in my kitchen. And now after reading your blogs. I am very nervous. Will it not hold up in the kitchen? Will it chip easily? Will it have to be sealed alot or heavy and thus take away from the beauty of the stone? And scratch easy too? Will it leave water spots? Please advise. Should I pick another color? I am so worried and freaked out and overwhelmed? Also if I do stay with this color, what color of backsplash should I use with it? I want an Tuscan style kitchen. I don't know to go with black appliances or stainless steel. Can anybody help me? Thanks, Bev

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i am a fabricator.

It's a beautiful stone. However, it is very easily chipped which makes a rounded edge highly advisable. Also, it can be near impossible to get a perfectly straight edge on a seam. We've actually had instances where the edge would "flake off" little pieces just from the process of pulling the two pieces to be seamed together with the seaming tool. It depends on the make-up of the stone where the seam is if this will be a small or large problem on a given job.

It's tough enough to work with that our primary slab supplier has stopped carrying it.

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I'm a geologist.

(picking up on Old Ryder's intro format :)

I would stay away from it unless you are just absolutely dying to have it. The mica is soft and flaky and it seems like a poor choice for a high-wear area like a kitchen. It is a schist, you are correct about that, nice work!

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karin_mt: Welcome. It'd be great to get accurate and professional info on some of the stone discussed on this forum.

regarding schist for countertops; it has been my experience that they can be quite difficult to work with but most of the challenge is associated with edge finishing. Some are so bad the only way to finish the edge is to "impregnate" the raw edge with a low viscosity epoxy before polishing. However, we've had no difficulty or follow up calls from customers on the durability of the surface...... and some of it is really extraordinarily beautiful stuff!!

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Thanks Old Ryder - I have been here for awhile actually, but I don't usually introduce myself as a geologist. But some here have taken to calling me the Rock Whisperer, which totally cracks me up. Nonetheless, I do love to talk about rocks!

Agreed that schists have a sparkle and depth that most stones can't come close to. But yeah, the edges seem like they'd be problematic. I have also seen some that are rough on the top surface and they don't seem like they could be made smooth. Schists make wonderful landscaping rocks though, so that's where I use them.

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Thank you very much, you guys, for your professional opinion. What a great web site! I have decided not to go with the Saturnia Gold, which is sad, cause it is such a beautiful stone. Well, its back to the drawing board to pick out a new stone. But again, thank you and I appreciate yalls reply and your professional opinion.

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We just had saturnia installed and I love it. It has so much movement that any flaws are invisible.

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