I Enjoyed My Wild Rice With A Blushing Geisha.

dcarch7December 5, 2011

I am very excited now that I have a fresh supply of wild rice from terrific Teresa, it time to start cooking. Well, just fooling around.

I have a lot of lovely turkey stock and a sheet of turkey skin I saved from Thanksgiving. I also picked up some really fresh looking scallops from the store. Pomegranates looked to be in season too, bought two.

What should I do? It's not against the law to throw them all together, right?

Sous vided the scallops in a bunch of seasonings at 120 F, needless to say they came out incredibly creamy. Made crispy turkey skin crackling to contrast the texture and taste.

A few teaspoons of freshly squeezed pomegranate juicy into the Wild rice to impart a mysterious sweet and tart note, and simmered it with some turkey fat from the cracking and stock, made the perfect bed for the luscious scallops to luxuriate on.

What should I do with all the remaining freshly squeezed Pom juice? I made a very healthy Blushing Geisha cocktail.

Thank you Teresa!

dcarch Lovely Blushing Geisha

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That looks quite good... but I think I would have kept the pom juice in the glass and not in the rice.


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Alexa - I think I might try a few tablespoons of pomegranite juice in my next batch of rice. An interesting addition and a twist on my favorite grain.

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Now that is making me hungry!
I love scallops,
And pomegranates,
And wild rice.
All put together so beautifully!
It's GOT to be good!

The bit of pomegranate juice
Sounds like a very complimentary addition
To the wild rice.
I just may have to try that, too!


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Does that ever look appetizing Dcarch! Yummy!
(I've not said 'yummy" to too many of your photos before, but this one deserves that)

You even thought to put the little pom seed on the tray. How cute.

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Combining turkey, scallops and pomegranite might be "different" but I agree it's probably not against the law. On the other hand topping it with dill might have you doing some time... in the looney bin!

Pomegranite is a fruit I've always wanted to try. Maybe this will be my time, since you say it's in season. I don't even recall ever had pom juice.

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FOAS - it's interesting that you've never tried pomegranites. I'm eating one a day at this time of the year. The 8 I have on hand are huge so I can only eat half of one.

Love, love, love them.

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Just got back from Israel, where they squeeze the pomegranites on the street corner for yummy juice. Full of antioxidants.

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Thank you all for your compliments. You are very kind.

No question that I like to fool around with food combinations and cooking methods. It's part of the fun of cooking. Typical T&T recipes for me are just stepping stones to adventure and amusement.

This particular combination I have concocted is actually not very unique. The use of fruits in cooking is, as you know, very common. orange with duck, melon with prosciutto, Pork with sweet & sour plum sauce, fish with lemon, turkey with cranberry, beef with pineapple, ---etc.

Food pairing/combination is more than subjective taste, there is a whole science of molecular biology behind it, which is fascinating to look into. Before putting this dish together, I looked at the food pairing chart below, and decided it is worth a try.

The turkey crackling was made in bacon fat, the rendered turkey fat with the bacon fat was used to give the sous vided scallops a golden crust and additional complexity in flavor. Together, the turkey fat, bacon fat and Au scallop Jus, was drizzled over the wild rice which was cooked in robust turkey stock. Pomegranate is very similar to cranberries in both color and taste, but a little more fruity and sweet, which in small amount, (2 teaspoons) in the wild rice, you can see, that the inconspicuous fruitiness can serve to balance out the primary flavors of the dish.

Pomegranate juice, as jab65 pointed out, is well known for its potent health benefits, which is why I decided to incorporate it into many aspects of my cooking. The problem of course, is how you can get juice out from a pomegranate. That will be another video which I will have to make to share, whenever I get around getting it done. Unless one of you already has a way, in which case please share.

dcarch, (writing from inside the looney bin) :-)

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Do not forget Tomato with Meat Balls. LOL!

My DD brings up Pomagranate, every so often.
I just eat them.

Can Pomegrantae be put in a Blender and then strained ???

Waiting to see the Video.


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