can faucet spouts be switched out between models?

raroJuly 10, 2011

I need help to solve a fixture problem. Our Hansgrohe spout is too long for the vessel sink. I selected it based on the recommendation of the plumbing supply place that the contractor sent me to for plumbing fixtures. Bums me out that I spent about $7500 at that place and they can't be more helpful because their suggestion is unworkable. Anyway, DH suggested that we just unscrew the spout and replace with a shorter one. I tried to research replacement parts for the Uno2 and I can't quite tell if it is compatible with a shorter model such as Montreux. Anybody know? Or have another suggestion? (Can we cut it shorter??) Can't pull vessel sink out more from the wall because the space it too tight in this guest bath. We tucked it in under the stairs and to come out further would put the sink too far into traffic. Thanks!!!

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It would be a good idea to contact the manufacturer's customer service on this one

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You will have to investigate how the spouts attach.

Different makers (and lines from the same maker) can use different methods (and even thread sizes).

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The spout screws in with 1/2" thread. Hansgrohe says there is a model number for the spouts and that another model Montreux can screw in and Uno2 replaced at the spout level. I have contacted several very large plumbing parts places and they do not seem to carry it. Suggestions? Lastly, the GC said that it could possible be cut and then 1/2" thread put in by a metal worker. I have emailed a metal worker that I know to ask about this. Any other ideas?

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