Fibroguard? Comfortis? Other affordable flea & tick?

ms_minnamouseOctober 3, 2011

I'm having to pick up the slack for a rescue that isn't great. There's nothing I can do about the rescue so don't bother because things have already been tried.

One of the things is that they don't provide the dogs with flea and tick protection. If I'm going to bring dogs to my house, they need to have it. Something that is effective on BOTH fleas and ticks.

I'm not going to use anything unsafe or that I've heard a lot of negative things about, such as Biospot, Hartz, etc. I'm just not going to chance it.

I don't have a lot of money so I'm looking for something safe and affordable and effective.

How does Fiproguard PLUS compare to Frontline Plus? I use Frontline Plus on my own dog and have found it to be effective thus far.

How about Comfortis? Is it effective against ticks as well?

And what about PRONYL OTC PLUS? I don't think I've seen this sold anywhere and I don't see it widely available online either.

PetArmor PLUS?

Not really cheap but anybody have any input on Advantage Multi?

I realize that a lot have the same active ingredients but it seems that they differ on inert ingredients and this is where the harm can lie.

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Fibrogard is just a generic of Frontline and should be as equally effective. There is no reason to think that, just because it's a generic, there will be differences. Comfortis is great for fleas, but useless against ticks. Advantage multi is also great for fleas and seems pretty good against ticks (sure wiped out the shelter's tick problem in my local area). Will have to look up your pronyl plus... no idea what that is.

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Oh, Pronyl plus is Seargents version of Frontline Plus... could Seargents actually be coming out with a safe and effective product for the first time in their existence?? amazing!

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Pronyl is NOT Fontline Plus, it is only Frontline which does NOT contain the insect growth regulator that helps control flea infestations so well. I personally have not prescribed Frontline ever (been a vet for 3 years) because I consider the IGR to be a very important part of the flea control program.

Advantix is also a great product but since it is still patented no cheap generics are available. I'd go with the Fiproguard.

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that is true what you say about Pronyl, but he was asking about Pronyl Plus (I forgot to capitalize the plus) which IS the same as Frontline plus. Sounds like a good choice to me.

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The inert ingredients aren't the same as Frontline Plus. Some people are saying that their dogs have burns and other problems with the generic Frontline Plus products.

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Revolution seems ok. I read about some dogs having reactions with Comfortis although my dog did not.

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