Soon to be White Kitchen

pandora1March 19, 2013

I have been using GW for the last couple of months to help out with our current kitchen remodel. I have gotten tons of ideas and have read lots of helpful postings. Here are some progress pictures so far. I have enjoyed looking at everyone’s white kitchen pictures and hope to be posting my own soon. Currently, in the drywall stage and no longer have to look at studs and insulation in the walls and ceilings. Although, still walking on plywood floors. Thanks to everyone for sharing their finished pictures.
The start of opening the “opening” up much wider into open concept.

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Here is a picture as construction has begun to open up the space into the kitchen.

Old unused screened in porch that is being used and added as addional kitchen space.

With the addition complete, here looks into the new kitchen area. The old exterior wall is removed and the plastic sheeting on the ceiling is all the new space.

Opened up and drywalled.

Here is a link that might be useful: 1pandora's library

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Welcome to GW. When I was new, I read this thread and figured out how to post picture. Hope it can assist you too.

Here is a link that might be useful: Posting pictures?

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Thank you localeater- I can't believe I just spent the last 2 1/2 hours working on adding multiple photos. I just hope I can repeat again!!!

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Wow, what a cool transformation! Who knew that bare sheet rock could be so exciting!

Thanks for the photos, it's always fun to see things in the works. What sort of style are you heading for?

Keep us posted!

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Welcome! I am looking forward to seeing the transformation. Tell us about your cabinets, counters, finishes... so exciting!

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HI Karin_mt and belle_va,

Here are a couple pictures of where I am going with my kitchen. Both are the same, but by different windows. The first picture is probably more true colors.

The back ground is the wall paint color which is BM Revere Pewter (HC-172).

The back splash I think I am going with (unless something else jumps out at me) is Bianco Venatino Random Polished linear strips(same as SunnyAlberta's) kitchen. The mosaic tiny squares is the coordinating pattern that was paired with it at the tile store. I will use that as an accent pattern above the cooktop.

My perimeter counters are Ceasartone Raven(dark square piece) and the island top is granite (Bianco Romano) the remaining piece. The granite sample is not from my slab. My slab has a lot of gray marbling/veining that runs through it. The Raven Ceasarstone matches the veining on the granite perfectly. I also picked the Raven for the perimeter counters because I originally wanted a Black and White kitchen, then decided to do the Raven (which I call a charcoal gray) vs. black counters just to do a twist on the traditional B/W kitchen.

The four white paint swatches are possible cabinet colors. I will meet with the painter on Friday and give him all four to do sample boards and decide from there. I found GW in researching white cabinet colors. I narrowed it down to BM ��" Simply White, Cloud White, and White Dove. Then I found out that the painter uses SW. So I decided to go to SW and look at their colors. I tried a sample pot of Snowbound and painted on a piece of wood. I keep looking at it and was shocked how stark white it was, because that is not what I had envisioned. The guy and SW didn’t put a dap of the color on the lid like most paint stores do, so I did. It didn’t surprise me that the color on the swatch didn’t match what I bought. I took it back to SW and showed them the difference. They had a couple people look at it and then tell me that with “whites” it is hard to get a true sample in the small containers because the formula is divided so many times down(that the tiny amount that was added, isn’t enough for the white base. OK, kind of makes sense, kind of doesn’t. So basically, you can’t just divide the formula by the size of the can. Sounds like they need to custom/adjust the formulas for the smaller sizes. The reason it does make sense is because earlier bought a sample size form BM of Dove White and painted it on a board and was shocked how yellow it looked. Everywhere I read, most people said it had a grey undertone. If the same were true, what the SW guy told me with the “whiter sample pots”, the White Dove probably wasn’t a true representation of the color either. Anyway, that is why I also picked two SW colors (Divine White and Alabaster) in case SW can’t get an exactly color match of the BM colors. Like a lot of threads I have read, picking the right white is very difficult!

I am going with paint grade shaker cabinets and Notty Alder (dark stain) for the island base.

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Nice colors! We have BM Pewter at the fireplace end of our open LR/Kitchen. I really like that color and we searched high and low for a grey that is just grey without any undertones of other colors in it.

So, can't your painter just use BM paint if you buy it and give it to him? If you are already set on one of their colors that's what I would do.

Of the paint chips you have there, I definitely do not favor the top one - it is too yellow. Any of the others look possible (as much as one can tell from a computer monitor).

If you happen to be looking for a light grey accent color to go with Pewter, check out BM Cliffside grey. We are in love with that color and have used it in several places.

(Disclaimer, our kitchen is still unpainted and is covered with paint chips instead. So what do I know!)

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Got my sample boards for the painter. I had 3 BM colors that I liked and 2-3 SW colors that I liked for cabinet colors. It was hard to narrow it down, but these are the 3 that I picked.

The far left is BM Simply White. Middle-SW Alabaster. Right-BM White Dove.

I took the picture in the daylight without any overhead lighting, just natural lighting. I like to scramble the samples and look at them without knowing which is which.
Depending on the time of day, Alabaster and White Dove are very similar. Simply White is the lightest and easiest to pick out.

White Dove and Simply White were both color matched at Sherwin Williams. My painter uses mostly SW paint, but does have an account at BM. He said he doesn't mind BM paint, but for cabinetry, he prefers SW paint just becuase he is more familiar with it (as far as the enamel paint for cabinets).

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Wow! You are going to love all the space in that new kitchen! Good luck with the colors. It's so hard to find just the right color. With walls you can always repaint, but you really need to get it right the first time with cabinets!!!

It's going to be beautiful.

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Wow! That's quite a huge difference opening up that wall and adding some sf-age. Looks really great!!!

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Here is an update to our progress. Cabinets were install last week and mostly finished up this week. They will come back after the painters are done and counter tops are installed to put on knobs, pulls, and a couple remaining details.

Decided on Simply White for the perimeter cabinets and a dark espresso stain for island. Doing just the marble backsplash without the tiny square inset above cooktop ( pictured above). Changed mind from BM Revere Pewter to BM Nimbus for kitchen paint color, but will go with Revere Pewter for the main color throughout house.

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Wow! Looks great...can't wait to see the final pictures!

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Wow, your transformation looks great already. You are so lucky to be able to expand your kitchen into the old porch area. I am jealous of all your space. Your colors, countertops and tile choice are going to be fabulous together. Can't wait to see the finished product. Good luck down the home stretch.

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