Best Cat Litter To Control Smell

CassandraOctober 20, 2008

I know this has been discussed on this forum before, but not recently. Would anyone like to weigh in on what clumping cat litter you use? Now that I've moved to a condo this year, I no longer have a basement and the box is in a bathroom. As winter approaches, I'm trying to minimize the smell now that the window will be shut. I have a Clevercat box for two cats and scoop twice per day. I've been using Tidycat but I realize it isn't controlling the smell at all. I've heard good things about Everclean and World's Greatest Litter. Some people like the Feline Pine but I've also heard some negative things about it. I'm afraid of making such a major switch at this point. Also, does anyone use other products such as the Arm and Hammer deodorant? I want advice before I go out and buy a bunch of stuff to try--I've wasted money doing such things before!

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Sometimes odor builds up in a closed litterbox.

I use Nature's Miracle cat litter. I make sure it is deep so the urine never reaches the plastic. I too clean it out twice a day.

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Didn't like Feline Pine (tracked way too much), and though my parents are happy with Tidy Cat with crystals Blend, we didn't think it eliminated odors well.

The only one we've liked best for odor control (going on 20+ years) is EverClean ES. It really does the job the best IMHO, although, we do buy the unscented version and our cats smell like "French whore kitties" after they've been in the litter box (no insult intended to the French, or to whores in general!).

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I'm a Feline Pine fan. It really seems to absorb the amonia odors better than the clumping and traditional litters I've used over the years. I can see where the tracking could be an issue, but no more than other litters.

As far as an odor absorbing trick, try this: take a plain yellow onion, cut it into quarters, put it in a medium sized bowl and fill the bowl with water. Every day put a bit more water in because it evaporates. It really works well with persistant kitchen and bathroom smells. The onion gets sorta funky so after about a week you have to dump the water, throw out the onion, and start fresh. Just keep it out of your cat's reach.

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We are a Tidy Cat family, three cats with two litterboxes that I sift twice a week. The kind of food you feed them will contribute to the smell. If you are feeding them cheap stuff the odor will be stronger and fouler than higher grade cat food, and there will be a lot more waste.

I do use Arm and Hammer litter box odor control once in a great while (one small box has lasted almost three years) but that is only if there was a particularly rank poop. It smells too much like perfumed flowers to use regularly, but the smell wears off quickly and neutralizes the catbox odor.

I have had so many people say they can't believe we have cats because it never smells like cats in our house. Since I don't empty the box as often as some people (one cat will only go in a dirty box, so there has to be a nugget or two in it before she will use it) I have to attribute it to the diet. I feed them a mixture of Iams Indoor Hairball/Weight control and Hill Prescription K/D.

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Yeah Feline Pine! And another one that had alfalfa in it- that was the best.
Picking out 2 times a day for 2 cats is not enough, in my mind. Why not just pick after each time the cat uses the box? Just check each time you go in the bathroom, or go by the bathroom. (hard to do if you work away from home all day, though)
I picked after each use in my small condo- never was a smell at all that way.

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I'm a Tidy Cat Crystals fan (not the blend, but the crystals only stuff). It's expensive, though.

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We are using Scoop Away for our brood. The newest member, Momma Dora, is presently living on the second floor and we have one litter for her in the guest room. since I started using Scoop Away in her litter box (I tried some recylcled stuff that stunk) there is no odor at all. I clean it out every other day.

We have two other litter boxes in the laundry room in the basement and get no odor, however I do get a fine layer of kitty dust in the main room over time if the door to the laundry is consistently left wide open.


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I've been using the Breeze system for over 2 months now and am very happy with it. Bailey took to it with no problem and I have virtually NO smell and no tracking litter everywhere! The company says to change the pad once a week and the litter once a month, but I find with one cat its fine much longer than that. Which then makes me pretty cost effective too.

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My favorite is Arm & Hammer High Performance -their non-clay litter that comes in a bag. Really good odor control and minimum tracking out of the box. Really recommend it highly.

I also like Feline Pine. Very affordable, good order control, and light weight. Big plus for those of us with lots of stairs. :) My kitty on the hand was not so impressed. He stopped digging in the box, which is kind of a problem for odor control when everything is sitting on the surface uncovered. ::

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The cat litter that I really like is Feline Pine for the clumping, but for crystals I recently started using the store brand and my cats love it. Covers up the odors really well, but kind of hard to find a scoop for it. Also if you do use the crystals or another brand I recommend lining the box with the Arm and Hammer cat litter box stuff. It really knocks out the smell!

Here is a link that might be useful: If you need help training your cat

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I swear by the LitterMate cat box and a brand of litter called The World's Best Cat Litter. It's made from corn. I have zero - zero odors. I hardly use any cat litter and it lasts a long time. I have two dogs and they don't even go near the litter box because it's always clean and no smell. Best part, I don't have to scoop anymore.

I warn you..the LitterMate is expensive BUT well worth it.

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Unscented clumping litter works for us. We get bulk refills from a local pet store.

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I am a pet sitter and just had a consultation with a cat client yesterday. They use cedar shavings and swear by it. Anyone else heard of this? I personally have not. These people are hippie types and vegetarians (not that I really care..shrug) but was curious if anyone else used this method. They have me intrigued.


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I'm another fan of the Tidy Cat Breeze system. With 8 cats in the house I have 3 systems. No urine/amonia smell at all. The poops do need to be scooped a few times a day but I have a couple of Litter Lockers that I use for that chore. I change the pee pads every 4 to 5 days. I do have a regular litter box in the garage for one picky cat who prefers it but I hate scooping it because of the amonia smell-it seems the dirtier that box gets the more she uses it. Oh well at least that box is in the garage.

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I like Ever Clean , either the Multiple Cat formula or the extra strength, scented or unscented. It clumps, and if you are diligent about scooping, it stays clean for a long time. It's sold in pet stores, not groceries.

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I'm the OP. Just to report that I made the switch to Everclean ES and love it so far. No odor. . .or at least much, much less than the Tidy Cat I was using before. Also, far less tracking of litter since it seems to be ground much smaller than the Tidy Cat. I'm sold so far. . .

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The only thing that I've found that really works is NonScents Odor Control Cat Litter - you can get it on Amazon. OMG, we have three cats and this stuff just flat takes away the smell. No scents either. I think you can still get free sample on Amazon, I know we did but now we order it regularly.

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