pricing of powervent water heater and install cost

cindywhitallJuly 2, 2012

Found some high efficiency water heaters online ( with prices of 1100 and 1535. They are both Bradford White Power Vent Energy saving water heaters. I am getting them as part of a program to reduce my overall energy consumption. It is I get nice rebates for reducing my energy use. Problem is contractors taking a nice chunk of rebate, imo, by markup (mainly on hvac) .

They are charging either 1880 or 2264 for the heaters, installed. I assume they get a better price than I found online.....Regardless, it is a "normal" installation, replacing a standard atmospheric vent water heater and running the pvc vent out through the crawl space right next to the unit...about a 12 foot length. estimate says install new 110v outlet from existing circuit. install new exhaust, reconfigure water lines (is there much of that to do??) install condensate removal system terminating to furnace condensate pump (right next to each other).

I'm in NJ. Is $800 a reasonable install price? That's assuming they paid the prices I saw on the net..It's a big outfit so I doubt it...Totals again are 1880 or 2264.


Models are m2tw50s6fbn (higher price and eff) or m1tw50s6fbn

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Sophie Wheeler

Avoid the power vent and go with a tankless instead. Power vents are LOUD LOUD LOUD. And yes, that's about an average fee for the amount of work you've described.

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So much info....I had forgotten that I read they were loud. It will be in the basement. Still loud? I wonder if there are any listings or ratings on sound. Do tankless need a powered fan or anything for venting? So much to consider....hybrid/heat pump and power vent, or conventional ac with tankless.....those are what I am deciding between.

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