Any remedies for reducing my cat's hairballs?

kaisermustOctober 25, 2009

I have a long hair tabby which produces weekly, sometimes twice weekly hairballs. Yes, I do groom/brush her and feed her dry IAMS hairball control dry food with her wet food. Also have tried that HB control paste from the pet store but she hates that. I have new carpet coming next week and while it is a dark brown color (specifically chosen to hide some of her sins) I would like it to be later than sooner before she "christens" it. Have any of you with DLH tabbies had any luck with other remedies I could try to cut down on the hairballs?

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I would also like to know. I was going to buy treats for hair-ball prone cats -- but you have to give them ten a day and there aren't many in the package (not a good value).

Any home remedies?

Mine pukes at least once every two weeks and has stained the heck out of my carpet.

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We buy a gelatin based product called Laxaire from the vet. Feliz loves it (it looks like it might taste of beef, but I'm not going to find out for myself) and it helps control hairballs. When she goes into her twice a year shedding spell, she still gets a hairball or two, but nothing as bad as it could be!

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Our ragdoll rarely gets hairballs too and she is on PUrina hairball control food plus Science canned (only 1 TB twice per day) I comb her when she allows it.

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You might put a little fish oil in her food.

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Butter is suppose to help with hairballs. Something about an enzyme in butter that helps things move through the gut better.

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How often do you brush her? Daily might help.

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