Split Frontline Plus or K9 Advantix?

SweetTartOctober 8, 2006

I have 3 dogs (2 shelties and 1 cocker spaniel) and buying heartworm and flea products can get quite expensive.

I buy Interceptor Spectrum for the shelties and a generic type of Heartgard for the cocker spaniel to prevent heartworm.

I use Frontline Plus for fleas and ticks-- I buy an extra-large and use a syringe to divide it among the three dogs. It was working great, but lately, I've been finding fleas on the shelties.

I found online that sometimes fleas can become resistant to the Frontline (they're still rendered sterile, so they won't reproduce). They recommended using Advantage or K9 Advantix occasionally to get rid of any resistant fleas. (I've also used Capstar to kill any that are on the dogs.)

My question is: Has anyone tried splitting a large vial of K9 Advantix among multiple dogs? It certainly does save a LOT of money. My sister said that her vet had told her that splitting the Frontline is fine, so hopefully it will work with Advantix as well.

Any advice or input will be appreciated! My dogs have been flea-free for 5 years on the Frontline Plus. I suspect that the squirrels are bringing in the fleas this year.

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O.K. How do you split it? Like I have two dogs that are 55 lbs. and 9 1/2lbs. Are you saying buy the one for the bigger dog and split it or what? I'm not quite sure I understand. Would I not o.d. my smaller dog and u.d my larger dog? Please explain. I am all for saving money and find this interesting, and if it would work would be willing to try it as long it wouldn't hurt.

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Oh, and by the way, try these websites below for your frontline or k9 advantix. Someone suggested this on one of these threads. Much savings. Took less than a week to receive supplies I ordered.


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