Fletch has Feline Distemper

rswojoOctober 24, 2012

In the earlier post about Millie's cough I had mentioned my concern about Fletch. Yesterday I took him to my vet and he was hospitalized. His condition had been slowly deteriorating since his checkup. He has been diagnosed with distemper.

The good news is he has only a low WBCC, from what I have read FD wipes out the WBC's. I visited him today and he is improving. Rather than laying with his front paws under his body he had them out and was kneading me with the right one and was trying with the left one even though it had an IV sock on it. He still has a weak purr but his fever is down a little.

Being concerned about him, I was reading about cat diseases but never thought to look at distemper because he had his vaccination. If I would have thought to check out distemper he would have been taken to my vet a day earlier. He had all the symptoms.

He still will not eat so he is being fed with a syringe and is on antibiotics and an IV drip for fluids. Millie goes in tomorrow for her distemper booster.

When Fletch starts eating on his own he can come home and start enforcing some discipline on that little pest Millie when she gets out of line.

Today was a great day!

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How scary. Glad the little guy is improving.

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Wow, today was a great day for you & Fletch! Glad you caught it & he can be treated. And it'll be nice to see him get up & bat Millie when she ticks him off.
I hear about distemper occasionally, but always in dogs, never in cats. I know they can get it, but around here it's more often dogs/puppies.

Any idea how he got it? (I didn't read the earlier post but will in a minute). Assuming it's related to little Millie, who must be new kitten to you...

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duh, not only did I read the other post, I commented on it! My defense is I'm distracted by watching the Tigers losing against the giants right now lol. They better turn this game around quick or I'll be messing up more posts.

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Fletch had one distemper shot administered by the Humane Society on 10/9. He must have gotten infected just before he got the shot or right after. When we brought him home on 10/14 he had diarrhea but we thought that might have been due to stress/change in diet, etc. Wrong.

I talked to his vet this morning and he is starting to eat a little. His stools are getting more solid. His fever is still at 103.8 degrees. His vet wants to keep him until his fever goes down which is fine by me, we already have big bucks invested in this cat so a few more won't matter. I guess he will be our million dollar cat. :)

Millie had 2 distemper shots but because she is so young her vet wants to vaccinate her again. This was his opinion even before we knew Fletch had the disease. Millie is eating like a horse, it is amazing how much she is eating and drinking. A good sign as we have been worried about her also. Millie goes in for a booster this afternoon.

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