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sands99October 2, 2010

Woke up this morning to a Jack Russell Terrier on the loop end of a rope held by dh, whoa surprised dh would bring a dog in the house let alone up to our master BR!

She's cute as a bug -seems adolescent in age - had a collar but its tattered, no id, no shots tag. I live just outside of Princeton in a very "neighborhood" area and I doubt anyone would purchase such a lovely animal and abandon it but it's been 12 hrs and I've put signs everywhere including my front lawn. She was very hungry although my neighbor gave her hot dogs this morning (aye yi yi) before we found her. I bought food, treats, a new collar and leash so I could safely walk her and toys.

Do JRTs like doggie beds? She seems to crave human contact and wanted to please us by playing until she was panting insanely so i kicked everyone out of the house and made a peaceful environment and then she curled by my feet and napped. She needs a few pounds and good dental care. Do you think someone actually let her go?

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There is a very good possibility that someone let her go, people can do some evil things to animals. She's very lucky she found you. I had a friend that had a JR, her's would rather sleep in bed with my friend than a doggie bed. They love human contact which you have already found out. I hope it works out for all of you, she sounds darling and I think she may have found her forever home with you.

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Did you check to see if she has a microchip with ID and info?

A vet or PETCO or some place like the SPCA can scan her.

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No sign of a microchip, I felt her ears simultaneously very carefully and found no anomalies that weren't natural cartilage and common to left and right. She's still with us and amazingly well behaved, obviously previously trained and highly trainable when coached with positive reinforcement. I'm continuing to feed her carefully and slowly as it appears she may have gone days without food/care (based on a still glossy coat but visible ribs and a number of small hotspots on her front and back legs). I called the local breeder but got no answer (thought they might know who bought a girl in the last 2 yrs) and bbaird I think I'll bring her to PetCo and make sure thanks for the tip.

Christine, she clearly loves humans including my two 10 & 15 yr old sons who love her too so we are giving her a name in the interim regardless of whether an owner appears so she feels like a part of the family. She's sleeping on my feet as I type until I go back in the family room where she'll curl back up in my lap on the recliner. Either somewhere a family is in agony missing this little sweetpea or they should be ashamed for dumping a treasure this family would have welcomed before her little paws went raw and her belly went days on empty :(

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Microchips are placed beneath the skin at the back of the neck. You will not be able to tell if the dog is microchiped by petting him. You would need to take him to a vet or shelter to be scanned for a microchip. It's likely the dog has been lost and his owners are looking for him. Check online in your zipcode for lost dogs that fit his description. There are sites dedicated to finding lost pets where his owners may have posted. Also check Craigslist, as folks often post lost dogs there.

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JRTs have a way of finding themselves out of a home because of their traits. I have a mixed breed Iggy and if it isn't half JRT, I'm missing a bet. We dearly love him and when I look at him I melt, as does hubby. He and his brother were at the shelter where their owners deposited the both of them.

Mine sleeps under the covers with me and has a lot of just really weird quirks, I find funny but suppose some other folks would not. He can spring straight up in the air and counter surfs when we walk out the door. As soon as we return you can hear his little feets hit the floor and he acts innocent. One day his spoils were a plastic bin and he chewed it open to find out I had stored a bunch of habanero peppers in it. LOL. He loves to go bye-bye and bark at cows, but must have something in his mouth when riding in a car or his nervous tension leads to chewing. Last week, his toy went missing so as I was driving, he chewed my seat belt off. Took him just seconds. The estimate to replace it is over $500.

So, yes..............JRTs are wonderful dogs, but their people must assume alpha spot immediately. Yes, mine is chipped, on his neck right over his shoulderblades, but sometimes they migrate. Any vet should be able to scan him and would not probably charge, as would your local shelter.

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she sounds adorable!! if you find that she isn't chipped, you might want to talk to the mail carriers in your and surrounding neighborhoods. most of the time, they are the people who know pretty much exactly which dog lives where.

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You should post on craigslist under lost and found. Around here, that's one of the major ways to get the word out for lost and found animals. But only post a very general comment about the breed, sex, location found. Don't post a photo, and state that anyone who contacts you must provide identifying features--such as the collar color--before you will speak with them further.

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murraysmom Zone 6 OH

The dog also could have been stolen, got away and is trying to find it's way home. I agree that you really need to try and find the owner. The dog doesn't sound like it has behavioral problems that would have led to it's being dumped.

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JRTs as a breed have activity what puts them at risk to be 'dumped'............they're a special breed requiring special humans. They can make wonderful dog companions if handled well, but the opposite is also true and they aren't a breed for everybody.

Their hunting instincts will over-ride their thought processes and are at high risk for running off and getting lost as well as at risk for being dumped by humans who bit off more dog than they can chew and won't invest time or effort into working with this exceptionally smart and active breed. You can't just get them and leave them to their own devices. IOW, I'm saying there may be a good possibility that the owners of this animal aren't interested in finding her and if you decide to keep her, make yourself aware of JRTs traits as far as other animals, children, and safe surroundings for the dog are concerned

There is a human personality test to see if you are a suitable human for a JRT, I've linked to it.

Here is a link that might be useful: JRT profile

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I'm glad someone else thinks like I do. I have a friend who is big into dog rescue, and I have helped transport rescues to their forever homes on occasion as well. But - sometimes I question the group's motives. For instance, my friend will spot a stray dog and immediately acquire it, bathe it, collar it and rush it into rescue where the dog usually finds a home right away - perhaps miles from it's original home.

Some times I wonder, did the dog get out of its yard by mistake? Did it slip it's collar while a child(or adult) was walking it? Or is it simply lost and can't find its way home? She always assumes it's been dumped. Yes, I guess if the dog looks very unkempt and starving that would be the logical assumption; but it could be trying to go home like someone mentioned.

Don't get me wrong, my friend has done wonderful things for abandoned and needy dogs; but one or two times I would have liked to ask her "do you think some one is looking for her/him?" The local shelter only keeps strays for three days before releasing them to rescue groups. And of course I wouldn't have had the pleasure of adopting my dogs if a rescue group or shelter hadn't taken them in.

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Thank you all for all the advice and input - the owners called an hour ago (we withheld info about the collar as a means to ID the dog) and her family - complete with two little girls - just came to bring her home. She took off Friday so they've been holding their breath for 2 days. I'm glad we were the ones to find her there is a well-travelled road in between our two neighbors so it could have ended badly. Dh asked the owner for the breeder info and says "we'll talk about it" wooohooo I might just get my own little girl!! And now I have food, treats, toys, a collar, leash and bed ready and waiting!

Hurray for Happy Endings!

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Sands, seems strange she was so thin after only being out for a day before your husband found her. I sure hope she is going back to a good home.

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Oh, good news and sad news. I know you must be disappointed, I would be too deep down; but as you say you are ready and waiting! Plus, if the family really turn out to be deadbeat owners and think about giving her up one day they know where she'll be happy.

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I can only imagine how happy & sad you all are. At least she's gone back to her family, maybe this will be a wake up call for them to watch her and she wont get loose again. So now you know what a sweet breed they are and you can look for one that really needs the love you are so willing to give. I wish you the best in finding a fur baby that needs your family, that will be one lucky dog to find your love.

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That's great that her people found her. Thank you for keeping her safe. Before you seriously consider adopting a JRT, keep in mind that since whe was on the run for a few days she was very well exercised during that time. JRT's are very active dogs and can easily get bored if not in a situation where they receive a lot of stimulation, exercise and challenges. They are smart dogs. All of that to say that the pup you found was probably tired from her adventure so you didn't see what a JRT is really like. Wonderful dogs, but not for a suburban neighborhood unless you plan to provide a lot of exercise and enrichment.

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I'm so glad you searched for and found the owner. It's so heartbreaking to lose a dog and never know what happened to it.

You might want to consider a toy fox terrier as an alternative to a JRT for a suburban home. They are very playful and affectionate, but not hyper and small enough to exercise themselves in the house if necessary. Very big personalities in a tiny body!

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glad to know the little girl is home, hopefully to stay! i've only known one JRT personally and that little guy was like a fart in a whirlwind. he was NEVER still, even when he slept, he was running like a mad man. :D

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Glad your 'visitor' found her family.. thanks to you! Our shelter currently has one: Gordon. Just a year & 1/2 old.. But.. that's in Maine... Fancy a trip to Maine?? Autumn foliage is great! Check web link: Gordon or if links does not work: The Humane Society of Knox County. Don't wait too long or your DH may change his mind!

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We have 2 jrt right now,they are precious dogsI lost one about a year ago,the 2 went out to hubbys office with him he went in put papers down came out they both were gone we serched no dogs .we have 40 acres here the dogs never left property.Well about 3 oclock here come the younger one .No Mickey ,mickey had a spot on back about 6"looked just like a mouse head,she was special,I loved that dog she all but talked,my daughter and I would go away wed come home she would let out like where the h were you, wed laugh
.We dug her out of a many ground hog hole,she killed many ground hogs,she was a hunter,well what we think happened was the younger dog came back you could smell skunk on her nose.We think that mickey chased the skunk in a hole it sprayed her she died in the hole.Under ground its lethal.I still cry when
I think of her she was like a child to me.So special.We had company workers ,neighbors all serching we couldnt find her,we yelled down holes everything never found her.
We have long legged short hair and a puddin shrt legged long hair,it sounds to me if she had collar and leash she got away from someone theyre smart dogs.

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Petra, I guess being lean to begin with, a day in a panic, with no food or water just made her ribs a little more visible. I've always had longer hair dogs so I never noticed ribs...

Dinkie, I'm so sorry for your loss. It was easy enough to get attached after 36 hrs so I know you must have been devastated. :(

Calliope, I got an 80 on the profile, 4 stars - only concern was 'no fenced yard' :)

Anne-Marie, Gordon is adorable! But after 2 sons, a dh, and a tomcat it's time for a little girl!

I think we have a really good idea what we're in for, ZippityDooDog was a crackling ball of energy, not tuckered out at all from her outdoor adventure. I talked to the breeder (a couple who are both DVMs and breed specifically for temperament)and we are on the list for a late Oct litter, ready by Christmas, little girl. We are visiting their farm next weekend! Super nice people - they interviewed me as much as I interviewed them lol.

"Northgate terriers are members of our family. As veterinarians, we keep a close eye on the health and genetics of our terriers. All of our terriers are BAER normal and CERF tested annually. At Northgate, we strive to produce well-socialized terriers with outstanding dispositions. We produce only a few carefully planned litters each year and our puppies are hand raised with our children, Erin and Gregory."

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Congrats sands99 on your upcoming new arrival! My DH and I are terrier people. We've always had at least one terrier in-house and although I love all animals, the terriers are the ones who fit in best with our wants and habits. We prefer interactive dogs and smart ones with minds of their own and there is never a dull moment with at terrier around.

Please read up on small dog syndrome or be prepared to have the dog rule your home.

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