Connect solid drain pipes

abufishJuly 7, 2013

So we want to take care of one of our side yards' drainage issue. It's very straight forward. The side yard has nothing but gravel, we just need to dig a ditch, run a solid pipe from downspout to front yard trench, and cover it with gravel. The side yard is slightly sloped toward front, so no problem for the water to go.

I plan to use this pipe: n-Pipe-Solid-3550010/100185642#.UdoKl0BwofU

Also need a couple of couplings and Tees.

The person at homedepot said these pipes can not be glued, that I can use PVC tapes to wrap them after I fit everything together. Is this true? I watched several Youtube videos with people using corrugated black pipe they kind of just snap it in, but I don't know if it applies to the white pipe I plan to use.

Thank you!

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