Removing Cast Iron

mike_kaiser_gwJuly 30, 2013

I need to remove about 10' of 4" of cast iron. It's not one piece, there's a Wye and a couple of shorter sections. Working room is really tight. At the beginning of the run it transitions to 2" (to pick up a sink drain). That part I need a clean cut but the rest of it is scrap.

I know I can use a chain/snap cutter. I'm wondering, rather than having to run out rent on (and return it), if I could use a angle grinder and score the pipe and have at it with a hammer?

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I have done basicly the same thing using a round flexiable carbide hacksaw blade rigged with handles like the little irigation pipe wire saws for close quarters pvc pipe. Just be prepared to finish snapping off a few pieces that fail to come clean with the rest of the pipe,esp if the iron is old and thin. You will be fine,just take a few extra minutes.

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If indeed it is scrap you can go at the hub of the cast with a ball peen hammer. You can reconnect with a no hub coupling.

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I don't know how your 360 degree access is, but I have used my
Skil saw with an abrasive metal blade to make quick work of
a 4" cast iron pipe cut.

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You can also use a recip. saw with a metal cutting blade. Makes a clean cut.

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If you use a reciprocating saw, make sure you get the blades that are made for cutting steel/cast iron. If you get the general demolition blades, even higher quality ones, you'll end up going through about 4 of the per 4" cut...I did.

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