Should my prep sink faucet face the fridge or the range?

Kristen HallockMarch 15, 2013

I am wondering if I need to change the prep sink cabinet (corner of island) rotation. I want to make sure I get the toe kick recessed on the correct side.

Should the faucet face the range or the fridge?

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I think I would prefer it facing the range.

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Kristen Hallock

Yes, that was my plan but then I started thinking...

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rhome410 put hers on the corner so it serves both sides. She likes it a lot since it serves both her prep and baking zones, and she has a large family (10) where there are often 2 or more persons working in the kitchen at one time. Yours would serve prep zones 1 and 2. I think putting it on the corner would be a good idea since 21" of space on the range side is not much at all, so you could use both sides of the island easily yourself if you needed more than that 21".

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How do you plan to use it? As a water source? Hand washing? Or are you going to actually prep food at it? If prepping, then things will likely start out being pulled from the fridge, put on the island, and then washed, cut and either put in a bowl for serving, or put near the range for cooking/baking. I would think that having it face the fridge makes it most convenient to start prepping from there, also it's the widest work space and bigger is better when it comes to that -- hence, I vote fridge side. Unless it's a round sink, I'd probably not put it in the corner -- I'd end up with water everywhere if I did that.

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