Septic Tank and code enforcement inspectors, rules of conduct

Alex.BJuly 25, 2012


I was wondering is it normal for a septic tank inspector to check every room in a house. I had him come in for septic tank evaluation and when he was done, he decided to walk through the house and look in every bedroom. I am just asking for future references, I feel like I should have told him to be off. Also as for the city code enforcement inspectors can you refuse them entrance to certain rooms in a house? Thank you for any information.

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Sophie Wheeler

Since a septic permit is based on how many bedrooms a home has, yes, it's perfectly reasonable for a inspector to determine if the home has illegally added bedrooms for which the tank would now be inadequate. And while you can certainly refuse anyone admission to your home, they can also revoke your certificate of occupancy or condemn the home pending a thorough inspection of unpermitted renovations.

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Move the hyrdroponic pot farm to the shed if you're going to be doing remodeling. A code inspector WILL tip off the cops if they notice something awry.

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