Bones, bones where's the bones??

imscatteredDecember 12, 2013

I grew up cooking just plain old food. Like meat that had bones, skin, fat. My first cookbook was a mid 1950's Better Homes & Garden. You should see the pages of cuts of meat. The fat is inches thick.

It started with the chicken breast. I still remember the first boneless-skinless chicken breast placed before me in a restaurant....I was flabbergasted! Now it's rare to find cut-up chicken with bones at the grocery. A whole chicken breast (with just a little salt & pepper) roasted with the skin & bones on and then removed before eating is flavorful and juicy! Now young cooks are instructed to do all kinds of things to that little naked beige piece of meat to make it moist again.

My BEEF tonight is about the boneless/fatless chuck roast. Where's my Good 'ol Pot-Roast with the bone-in and fat so those tators, carrots & onions are swimming in that good 'ol beef juice�ok,, fat.. Delicious! So where's the bone!!!

Do you cook with all the naked meat? I notice more & more we are wrapping other meat in bacon and pouring on all kinds of sauces and concoction to put juiciness back in meats. There's nothing dryer than a pork-lion roast unless you doctor it up.
When I take time to look around at what is available for the young families to cook today, I worry that many don�t even know what basic food is. You buy a package of an entree from the shelf or freezer-add that naked little chicken breast and you've "cooked" dinner. And too, many already has the meat in it--but what else??

So, my question have we come to the point where the meat is completely stripped of all its flavor? Am I the only one who has a frozen turkey carcass in the freezer waiting for me to cook it down to lots of delicious broth for dumplings or noodles? It's the fat & bones of it!!!
Besides, Fido doesn't get the leftover bone anymore.

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Welcome to the Cooking Forum, imscattered.

I know what you mean, I have a couple of stepchildren who are adults but will not eat meat with bones in it. It confuses me. Even KFC now has boneless chicken, customers "demanded" it. People don't want bones, and they want easily portable food that they can eat in the car.

I, however, raise grassfed beef, heritage turkeys, chickens for meat, my own pigs. We cure and smoke bacon, render lard, all that good stuff. I cook from scratch, not from a box or a can. I even roast my own coffee and occasionally grind wheat for flour.

Many of us here cook fresh vegetables, bake our own bread, and yes, eat meat with bones in it.


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We have bones! You can get boneless chicken breasts but everything else that I can think of comes with its own bones.

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The threat of mad cow disease was the end of much of the bone-in meat at grocery stores. Things I once bought for making bone broth at the local meat packing plant is now sold as "dog bones" and they are restricted what they can sell for human consumption when it comes to bones.

Not only are we missing flavor with this boneless meat, but the health benefits from bones and connective tissue. Protein from lean muscle meat is inflammatory to your body, but the gelatin in bones and connective tissue balances the inflammatory protein makeup of muscle meat.

Check out the link below.


Here is a link that might be useful: The Food Coach

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I used to always buy boneless chicken. When I would buy chicken with the bone my kids hated it. They would just pick at the meat. Recently I learned how to cook a whole chicken. The meat seems to just fall off the bone which makes everyone happy.

I know that my teenage daughter likes meat but doesn't want to be reminded she is eating an animal so doesn't like to see a bone.

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Just about every cut is available in our grocery stores. With or without bones. A few of the grocery stores carry really high quality beef/pork/chicken and lamb. Some locally raised.

We have a couple of butcher shops too with locally raised meats.

I tend to cook most meats "bare". Except for seasoning with salt, pepper, garlic and a few herbs. Not big on sauces. Other than those made from the drippings.


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My kids went through a "no bones" phase too. They are getting better now. They started liking BBQ ribs which helped.

I buy bones at the Asian market. They have all sorts - pigs feet, cow necks, chicken carcasses, soup bones, marrow bones. They are not super cheap, but are pretty cheap.

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I have heard that so many Americans will only eat boned chicken breasts and never dark meat, that thighs and legs are shipped to China.

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