Symmons Temptrol repair:

bushleagueJuly 13, 2010

Tenant threw us this one today, 20 year old Symmons Temptrol hard to turn. When I arrived handle and splined end of cartridge broken off, so off to the plumbing supply for a T10 cartridge, and a new cap, easy right? So I unscrew the whole thing together and turn the water back on, works great except I cannot turn the water off at the tub, wtf? So I screw the T-10 and compare with the old, the difference being the thick rubber gasket on the old cartridge that mates to the outer (cold?) seat, vs. the new T-10 which has a steel washer with a rubber center. I have heard of the seats being a problem, and actually recalled some years ago? Would a seat change do it? Thanks!

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Hi, Been a few years sense I worked on a Symmons. They had a small lever at the bottom of the face plate that turned a diveter. They wqere always getting lost or broke. The repair we made was to change the spout with one with a diviter, that worked for us. To see if this will work for you turn on the water and try and stop it with your hand the water should come out the shower.
Good Luck Woodbutcher

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I wound up grabbing a new Temptrol at H.D. and grabbed everything I needed off of it, including the seats. As I removed the outer (cold) seat I found the steel washer from the original cartridge wedged inside it. I replaced the seats, cartridge, cap, and trimmed it out, works as new and cheaper than buying individual parts.

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