can creative plumbing save drawers on my vanity?

tofu_flavoredJuly 26, 2010

Hi - I'm trying to convert an old dresser into a bathroom vanity. I've seen posts about doing this, including a thread about the p-trap. But my problem may be a little more extensive... The vanity is a basic dresser with 4 drawers; the drawers extend all the way to the back of the dresser. I would like to have a marble top put on it with an undermount sink, so I know I'll lose at least the top drawer, maybe even the second. But it's the p-trap and supply pipes/valves that bother me. They are about 16 inches above the ground, which will put them on the level of the 3rd drawer; and they take up about 13 inches in width (the vanity dresser is 37 inches wide). I'm wondering is there's any way to save more of the drawer space? The only thing I can think of doing is to cut a large notch in the back of the 3rd drawer to work around the plumbing apparatus. I'm not very familiar with plumbing stuff, so I don't know if there's a relatively easy way to convert anything so that it takes up less space. This is my plumbing now:

Here is a link that might be useful: photo of my p-trap and supply pipes

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Notch the back of the drawer. If it makes the panel too flimsy, you may need to sandwich another board (w/ matching notch) to it (glue it).

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A tight bend in the drain line can send the drain pipe horizontally, to get out of the way. Another bend sends it down to the P trap, placed somewhere that you can choose. There is no requirement to place a P trap underneath a sink drain.

Search: ADA drain.

Currently, Ikea sells bathroom sinks with P traps like this underneath. The drawers remain in good shape. Search: Hollviken, Braviken, etc.


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ALAS! I took the piece of furniture to 2 marble stores today, and both said the piece isn't deep enough to accomodate a sink and faucet (it's only like 19 inches deep). I could do a vessel sink, but I don't really want to... The piece is just a couple of inches too shallow. Someone suggested extending the back by adding wood on the sides, but by the time I do that - well, it's just gotten too complicated and expensive. So thank you everyone for your suggestions. I love this site because everyone is so helpful!

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Lillangen sink is only 16" depth (front to wall), and it takes a faucet on it.
Vitviken is 18" 7/8" and also take a faucet.
It can completely replace the marble you intended to buy.
These are just two sinks I found while web searching, in Ikea.

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