Water pressure troubleshooting help needed

bill_g_webJuly 16, 2010

I installed a new water heater and now my water pressure seems to be down by about 1/3.

I also changed the 1/2" copper supply tubing to 3/4" and added a dielectric union where there had been none at the point where the copper in the house connects to the galvanized from the meter.

I didn't change all the supply from 1/2" to 3/4", just to through the new water heater, as shown in the drawing. I figured I'd get to the rest later.

The pressure is lower as soon as a faucet is turned on. There is no initial rush and then a pressure reduction, which I think would indicate that there's not an obstruction in the new pipe.

Any ideas?



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Do you have reduced pressure on both hot and cold, or just one of them?

Check the screens on your faucets. Sometimes work on the pipes disturbs sediment in the pipes and it collects in the screens on the ends of the faucets. Be sure you hooked up to the hot and cold sides of the hot water tank properly. There is a little ball in the hot side that prevents water from flowing backwards, if they are reversed. Did you solder the fittings too close to the tank, while they were on the tank? There is plastic inside the tank fittings and it will melt and block the pipe if it gets too hot. Is the shut-off valve before the meter wide open? When you have all your taps closed, does the meter stop? If it doesn't, this could indicate a leak someplace. Buy a pressure guage that screws onto any of your faucets and see what the pressure really is. They are only about $7 at any hardware store.

Just a few thoughts off the top of my head.

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Thanks, Pelican;

I think you got it - clogged screen, though I'm not absolutely sure. Both hot & cold are are same. I'm unable to dissassemble the aerator completely and I can still some gink in it so I'll look for a replacement. (Rohl) I got the pressure gauge and it's at about 110 psi at the beginning of the house plumbing and beyond where I did my work - (it's the same) - that tells me it's not a pressure issue but gunk in the faucet somewhere.


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110psi is a bit high. Is there a PRV somewhere?

And don't confuse pressure with flowrate.

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