Magazine slideshow: Updated unfitted kitchen

jkom51March 4, 2013

Sunset magazine featured this Portland OR remodeled kitchen with some different design elements. Our local paper had a full slideshow plus a link to the magazine article. I thought some folks might find the slideshow interesting - it's a very personal, unique style, quite unlike most of the kitchens here.

Here is a link that might be useful: SFGate/Sunset: Designing a vintage-modern kitchen

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I think this kitchen succeeds more on the form than the function. Lack of counter space next the stove and the sink would not make me happy. Storage, while retro, is good to look at, but doesn't enhance the kitchen's function; actually, it inhibits function. It's charming, but I wouldn't care to live with it.

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where's the fridge? probably a small number of people in household and cooking is minimal.If one is realistic about that than you can get away with doing this type of thing. It may be a great location/good piece of property and will always recoup any remodel so opted for the vintage style and compromised in usability to some degree.The space could have been worked up better.

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I looked at the Sunset spread and the SFGate spread and her own design site to try to figure out where she's storing the perishables, herbflavor.

There are a lot of things to like about this space - and frankly, I think that if you have an oddity and you *own it* people don't notice it. When you're timid, you're vulnerable (says the woman who has an antique mahogany armoire in front of French doors because it was the only wall in the whole second floor that could be forced to accommodate a large functional and very needed piece of furniture).

That said, there are some things that I'm not sure would get past an inspector...a range top on a desk? With no fire stop material on the wall alcove (or if there is, I'm not seeing it). I can cook pretty well in pretty tight spaces, but I can't exactly figure out her work flow - zones, triangles, whatever. That island has got to be doing a *lot* of work to make that kitchen even remotely functional. And it would drive me crazy to basically toss all my Tupperware in a bin. I would get rid of that and get some nice glass icebox storage pieces like Grandma used to have and store those on the open shelving.

The house does have a lovely flow and a lot of unity between the spaces. The bathroom is very nice (I like the twin tall RH shutter collection pieces to either side of the sink. That's on her design site.)

I wish I had the money and ability to find interesting thrift store/flea market/whatever finds. They really do add a lot of character to a space.

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I've seen a lot better, and more functional, unfitted kitchens. There are elements that I love, such as the sink and the butcher block island, but as a whole I am under-impressed.

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