Anyone ever ordered from Vintage Tub and Bath?

ldg4511July 18, 2012

Just curious. My husband and I are in the process of choosing fixtures, tubs, sinks for our new home and this site has some great prices for the things we want. Just wondering if anyone had any experience with this company. Thanks!

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Here is what I wrote on a post on Kitchens:


Very timely post for me. Last week, I decided on a Whitehaus Metrohaus faucet (as relayed in a recent post). I google-shopped and found the lowest price (~$321) at Home Perfect, and second-lowest (~$352) at Vintage Tub. A casual glance at the google Seller Ratings seemed like a near-wash (4 stars for HP, 4.5 for VT). But I delved a little deeper, and devised a metric: I added up the number of 4+5 star ratings, and divided that by the sum of 1+2 stars. (I figured that 3 is neutral, 1 or 2 is unsatisfactory and 4 or 5 is satisfactory.) The ratio was strikingly different for the two. (I think it was 2.5 for HP and 7 for VT.) I had just had a bad experience with a lowball retailer for my undercabinet lights, and did not want to go through that again, so I decided to use Vintage Tub. Then I noticed that VT has a price-match program; they will match the lowest advertised price on a like item. So I got the faucet from the place with better ratings for the lower price. (BTW, the customer service at VT was excellent, really outstanding.)

Here is the kicker: today the faucet is being advertised at HomePerfect for $346. I guess my timing was pretty good!

Here is a link that might be useful: relevant Kitchens thread

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I helped DD2 research items for her MBath remodel. We ordered a vanity from VT&B. Arrived on time, as promised, but the backsplash was broken. Very nice when I called. Fairly quick replacement arrived - wrong size. Very nice when I called again. The next replacement was broken. :( Very nice again (talked to same guy last 2 times). Haven't received email on this replacement piece. Usually get an email that it's shipping.

We ordered her exposed shower and tub, along with sink faucets from another company - VT&B offered the company, but not the particular ones she wanted.

I would recommend them.

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My experience story with VTB:

We have purchased many items from VTB and have not been disappointed with their product quality except for a farmhouse sink we purchased while renovating our kitchen this year. We bought the sink gave it a quick look at delivery to see if it looked damaged (which it didn’t), however we took it out of the box a couple months later to set it for our countertop measurements. There were cracks along the edges & under the sink but we figured that was normal. Apparently it caused the structure to be weakened because it literally cracked after being set in place. Hand to God we did nothing to encourage injury to this sink in any way. I was horrified and contacted VTB via email to let them know. THEY WILL NOT RESPOND PROMPTLY. In fact since we couldn't wait for this process, and not thinking a refund would be a problem, we order another sink from VTB in it's place. It took several attempts to get a response for customer service; however over a period of time they asked for more information then later said that they would not allow a claim due to it being over 48 hours of inspection. I confirmed that we were NOT filing a shipping claim and would gladly pay for the sinks return shipping but we needed to file manufacturer’s warranty claim (which is 2 years). She said that she needed photos of the damage and she “will speak with a supervisor and see what I am able to do.” Not professional, not willing to help. Right away said no…then, wait, please send photos?? Really??
I took photos of the sink and sent them to Ainsli G. It took a long time for a response; it was determined that they would not honor manufacturer’s warranty because we took over 4 months to inspect the item…not true, and THEY made the determination that the dry cracks in the photos did “not cause any affect to the integrity of the sink”. I politely yet strongly disagree. We “ate” the $550.
After receiving the second sink, there were NO dry cracks along the edges such as the first one that they claim are STANDARD with fireclay. VERY DISAPPOINTED AND WANT TO FOREWARN FUTURE POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS. Just be very careful purchasing anything from VTB. If you happen to get a faulty item…you will most likely have to eat the cost!!!

This was a grueling process and although their products (when not faulty) are quality, the customer service and warranties WERE NOT honored nor considered an option. I mean why have a manufacturer’s warranty? AND after being faithful customers to them…very impersonal, cold and apathetic attitudes!

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