where to purchase bath fixtures?

southernstitcherJuly 22, 2013

I've been told not to purchase any of my fixtures at the big box stores, as most of them have plastic innards. Is this true? I'm certainly seeing a major price difference. We're on a pretty strict budget here, but I want things that will last. What exactly should I be looking at in the descriptions of the products that make a difference? Thanks!

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I'm not convinced that plastic innards is necessarily a bad thing.
Plastic valve stems - bad
plastic cartridge body - not bad
I'd stay away from fixtures with plastic escutcheons and other trim pieces.
Big box stores have some really cheap stuff, but they also carry somer decent mid-grade fixtures.

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I'm not an expert but I also agree about fact that plastic is not always bad. It many cases it is better than metal at least in a bathroom or kitchen. Plastic doesn't rust. Read the customer reviews thoroughly. Not all are written by people who you should listen to but try to find fixtures that have a LOT of reviews and pick the ones where most are satisfied and better yet, quite pleased with the product. Doesn't hurt to buy the brands known for high quality - Hansgrohe and Grohe come to mind if you are really undecided.

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