Dog allergies and distilled water

juneroses Z9a Cntrl FlOctober 6, 2012

For those of you who have tried "everything" and your dog still suffers with allergies, I want to suggest one more thing to try - distilled water. It sounds crazy, and the very well educated nutritionist (human) who told me about it just shook his head in disbelief. But he had a pet on which he had spent beaucoup dollars testing for and trying to control its allergies, essentially to no avail.

He doesn't even remember where he heard about substituting distilled water for tap water but tried it and his pet slowly improved.

I relayed the idea to my friend who has a peek-a-poo with severe allergies. She's tried assorted combinations of antihistamines, cortisone injections, an expensive prescription drug that suppresses the immune system, special diets, local honey capsules, etc. She even replaced the carpet in her home with laminate. The symptoms would lessen for a short while and then come back.

She's been using distilled water for 12 weeks now and the allergies have disappeared. I know she saw results at 6 weeks but don't know how much earlier. Her pet is off all meds and special diets. Her vet is skeptical.

Just sharing, in case someone wants to try this. It's certainly not harmful and is relatively cheap to try. You just have to be faithful and only offer the distilled water.

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Not for a dog, but for my senior cat with urinary problems. One day I just happened to think that after his drinking my hard well water all these years maybe distilled or purified drinking water (not the same?) would help him. He's been drinking it since summer and I think it has made a difference.

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spedigrees z4VT

Distilled water contains no minerals while "purified" drinking water is just tap water run through a filter and it contains minerals. The "purified" water would likely contain a different cocktail of minerals than your own tapwater, since it was collected and bottled elsewhere.

Using distilled water as drinking water is not recommended because it lacks minerals/electrolytes that all living beings require. People have become seriously ill from doing this. But using bottled drinking water would have no negative effects.

It is possible that the amount or type of mineral(s) in water could cause an allergic reaction in an animal that is bathed in it.

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