Removing the flow restrictor

mori1July 21, 2012

I have a pfister hand held single valve shower that I had installed. Its looks really nice however due to the flow restrictor, taking a shower now sucks. At first I thought the valve might be dirty and did have some left over debris from the tile job. So I cleaned it as recommend and tested the output and that was fine. However, when I the showerhead back on it sucked. I unscrewed the showerhead and found an o-ring that I removed which did help but not enough. The flow restrictor isn't like the one on the sites that show you how to remove it. This has 4 tabs that fit into hole of the washer blocking most of the water. What water that does goes though these little holes . I tried to remove it with small flathead but it won't budge. I'm thinking of getting out my drill but I don't want to damage the showerhead. How do I remove this thing?

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I seem to recall that manufacturers are required to install flow restricters that aren't easily removed. I would just drill it. If it's plastic, you can probably just use a new, sharp drill bit and turn it in by hand. The hole(s) don't need to be that much larger either.

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Thanks Mike. Forgot that I posted that on gardenweb. I ended up drilling it and on the third attempt, it came right out. This thing had several levels of items to restrict flow.

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