Ehrlichiosis--Poor Pup!!!

airforceguyOctober 27, 2012

I had posted earlier about Mel---The Malnourished pup--we are fostering from a Grenada Nicaragua rescue organization. The plan was to foster and if all worked out with our other dog, keep her!

She had some kind of infection going on inside her when we first got her, so she was on Clavamox for 10 day. Yesterday I noticed white flat like worms (just a few) in her stool, so it was back to the vet today. Vet said she just does not look right, so lets redo the blood work!! The RBC and platelets 2 weeks ago were on the very low side of normal---but today they were very low (can't recall the #'s) So he redid the tick test. 2 weeks ago it was negative, but today it was just barely positive!! He said that the disease can take 1-3 weeks to show up--which it now just had!!

So now she is on 3 weeks of doxycyline.

From my readings, it is passed via blood. So there is some risk to my other dog and 2 cats. As well they say since we caught this early, her chances are good for fighting it, BUT she may be a lifetime carrier of it.

I guess our biggest concern is she infecting our dog and 2 cats!! If anyone has any info that would be super. Our vet here in Nicaragua is very good, but they don't have all the latest high tech or info that other vets form N. America may have.

Many Thanks

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what a skinny little thing she is! And so cute with her big cone ears. According to this university, the transmission danger is still ticks, a tick biting her then one of your other pets. So tick control would a consideration.

In general, dogs infected with Ehrlichia are not considered to be directly contagious to other dogs or humans but can act as a reservoir of infection for the tick vector. These ticks could then expose susceptible dogs to infection.

good luck, I hope she responds well to treatment.

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She has actually put on 3 lbs since that pic (nearly 3 weeks ago) and looks much better!!

Really no surprise that she has it, as she was covered in ticks when we brought her to the vet---they had to give her 2 tick baths over a 2 day period, and shaved her!!

I think the chances of her passing it on to the other animals are slim. But as you stated she can act as a reservoir!! Thanks

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