water softener vs environment

asoloJuly 5, 2011

Seeing increasing questioning of whether or not residential water softeners should be banned because of environmental concerns. Issue seems to be the discarded salt.

I have used salt-based softeners for decades. Certainly that salt-water used for recharge is discarded. On the other hand, my discarded detergent residue from every source is reduced by a factor of at least 4x. And all my appliances last longer and my pipes stay clear and my outlets don't get caked up and need replacing.

So....what's the net/net balance environmentally? More detergent plus more-frequent discard of appliances vs. too much discarded salt? Never seen an analysis or report.

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Conceived damage to the environment could be mitigated to a large degree and render the concern moot if softeners were correctly sized and set up for efficient operation.

To achieve that two things would need to happen...

Softener sellers would have to know what they're doing and many do not. Yes, I'm beating up on sellers in it just for the bucks and who are not competent water treatment professionals.

DIYers would have to know what they know and know what they don't know. Sorry to beat up on DIYers but you can't just change settings without knowing what the settings do. Well you can, and then you come to forums like this one to find out how to fix what you messed up.

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